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Communications Internships Abroad


Communications is a field that encompasses all the ways that we interact. If your passion is engaging diverse audiences through print, digital, and/or broadcast media, then a communications internship is a great next step in your professional journey.

Communications internships abroad will help you gain an understanding of how other cultures present and process information. In an increasingly interconnected world, this knowledge is extremely important for those hoping to start a career in communications.

Communications majors can go in a variety of different directions depending on their interests. Students in this field could enter into positions in journalism, public relations, or marketing leveraging their skills in oral and written communication. Communications internships can be found in small start-ups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), private corporations, and multinationals -- the possibilities are nearly endless and depend on the direction you want to go in!

Where to Go

Internships in England

London is an international hub that is great for those seeking opportunities in communications. Whether you want to work at one of the many publishing agencies based there or break into the mass media, London is the place to be.

Internships in Spain

Spain is becoming a hotspot for internships across a range of fields and communications is no exception. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona are bustling business centers so it’s no surprise that there are numerous opportunities for marketing and communications professionals. The booming tourism industry here also creates a need for English content creation and social media management.

Internships in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for communications interns. Fantastic weather and fun, friendly people aside, cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth offer interns valuable experiences in publishing, journalism, and digital communications.

Internships in China

Put your English language skills to good use! China is home to countless businesses looking for an international reach. As an intern, you can help them achieve this goal through creating engaging content in English. You'll also have the chance to learn about the ins and outs of communications in China and how to target the Chinese market.

Internship Types

Communications internships abroad may include roles like:

Broadcast Media

The exciting world of broadcast awaits communications students looking for a way to break into this competitive field. Interns could find themselves working on projects in TV, radio, or podcasts which will hone their multimedia skills and prepare them for a career in mass media. Positions may have interns working in pre- or post-production or on camera or in front of a microphone.


Publishing internships teach participants about the lifecycle of a manuscript and all of the stages required to get it to print. Interns may find themselves in positions dealing with educational materials, technical manuals, or literary works. Duties could include editing manuscripts, working with clients, or managing a book launch and its promotional materials.

Content Creation

Interns who are keen to add written work to their portfolio will thrive in a content creation position. Companies need creative writers to create content for websites, blogs, newsletters, and more. Participants in content creation-focused internships will learn how to match brand style and tone and craft a story that will draw clients in.

Social Media

Social media is an ever-present factor in many people’s lives and businesses are taking notice. All kinds of organizations from non-profits to multinationals have multiple social media accounts to reach their target audiences. Knowing how to plan and execute a company’s social media presence is a priceless skill for employers. In this role, interns may be expected to create posts, manage social campaign.

What People Are Saying

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International Internships in Paris in more than 25 Fields

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Internship In Palestine (Human Rights, Palestinian Refugees, Law)

History is always written by victors. Instead of being documented impartially, it is usually being reported under the influence of some sort of ideology. Therefore, as a history and political science...
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