Alumni Spotlight: Lizzie Newhouse


Lizzie graduated from Bethany College with a degree in Elementary Education, a minor in special education and an Autism Endorsement. Her home is Ligonier, Pennsylvania. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family whenever possible.

Why did you pick this program?

I picked KEI and LSBU because they had wonderful reviews from previous students who traveled with them. The individuals I worked with from KEI during the preparation process were very informative and responded immediately when I had any questions or concerns about my trip. Each e-mail I received was very detailed and outlined what forms I needed to complete and who to send them to.

They also offered a wide variety of side trips to other countries I have always wanted to visit. Without traveling through KEI, I would not have been able to travel to Scotland and learn about my family heritage.

What do you tell your friends who are thinking about going abroad?

I told them that through all the preparation needed to leave the country, it was more than worth it. I encouraged them to look into trips sponsored by our college, as well as traveling with a group like KEI.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

Jam as much as you can into your trip. You may be exhausted, but the more you do, the more fun you have. I traveled to a new place in London at least 5 times a week. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have met wonderful people, or experienced half of London without leaving my comfort zone.

What's your favorite story to tell about your time abroad?

I accidentally stumbled upon the Mike XXL England premier in Picadilly Circus. I was less than 10 feet from famous actors and actresses on the red carpet. It was quite breathtaking, and it was a total accident! You never know what you can run into when you travel the world. It was an experience I'll never forget.

What was the hardest adjustment you had to make?

The most difficult thing I had to adjust to was the various means of transportation. It was so hard at first to figure out how the subway/underground worked and what lines to take, or what busses would take me to what places. I was lucky enough to have a tour guide who explained how I could pay for transportation with the Oyster card, as well as where the different busses and subway lines would take me. Once I learned how to use them, I truly had my freedom and could go anywhere I desired.