Alumni Spotlight: Alyssa Spence

Why did you decide to volunteer with IVHQ in Tanzania?

Alyssa: I decided to volunteer with IVHQ for a couple different reasons. First, was the extremely affordable price. In total for program fee, flights, spending money, and side trips I spent the same as other companies were looking to charge me for just the program few.

Second, was the fact that I got to read past volunteer reviews and through their Facebook group got to ask questions that past volunteers answered. I also got to meet the other volunteers I would be in Tanzania with which was nice because there were familiar faces once I got to the volunteer house.

Alyssa's volunteer program in Tanzania made a huge impact on her life

What made this volunteer abroad experience unique and special?

Alyssa: I think what made this volunteer experience unique and special was the children and the Tanzanian culture. I was able to visit children's homes and meet their families, really seeing how the people lived here. It was definitely an eye opener. The children were always so excited to see me and never wanted me to leave. People are so welcoming and love to show you their culture. The other volunteers there made it unique as well. We were a group of like-minded individuals who got along really well.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Alyssa: Well, since returning from Tanzania I've enrolled in Swahili (the language of Tanzania) class at the university I attend. I am really more aware of the world now and I've become addicted to volunteering. I'm going to Peru with IVHQ in May and hope to return to Tanzania next summer. I sponsored one of the children at the orphanage I worked at and I plan to continue sponsoring her for the rest of her elementary and high school years. I fell in love with Tanzania and I hope to return and live there for a few years after graduating.