Alumni Spotlight: Dimitri Lasne


Why did you decide to volunteer abroad with Conservation Volunteers in Australia?

I decided to go with Conservation Volunteers because for my first time traveling I wanted to go to Australia and I'm really interested in helping the wildlife! When I read the description from CV, I was just so happy because I found exactly what I wanted to do! The fact that I traveled to the East Coast is more interesting because I can see a lot of different places (Possum Valley, Rainforest in Cairns; Roma and the wildlife in Brisbane and I will discover Sydney) and it's so nice to see that!

Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

When you are a volunteer you don't have always good days because you could don't like the job... However, this one was great, the most of the time, so good and you can see a LOT of thing that you couldn't see anywhere else!

So as a volunteer you can:

  • Clean creeks to help the river's wildlife to grow.
  • Plant trees to stop the erosion or just to help the forest grow.
  • Work in a nursery to see trees growing up and them to grow up.

And you will not work to much during the day because the team leaders prefer to show you some wild or animals or creeks, etc...

How has this experience helped you grow personally and professionally?

This experience will have a really good impact on my future because now I speak English better than before (since I'm from France) and I will have good experience with outdoor work and living with a team! That's so amazing! And you can also meet a lot of people from a lot of different countries and with different cultures!