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Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers offers conservation projects for those with a love for the outdoors, and are interested in environmental conservation projects. Projects are available throughout Australia; projects details vary by location. Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome, whether you're a student, professional, retiree, or taking a volunteer vacation, Conservation Volunteers has a variety of programs that appeal to all different types of volunteers. Special skills or experience is not necessary, a team leader will be present to give volunteers the technical skills they need.

Some Volunteer Projects:

Tree planting
Walking trail construction
Wildlife surveys
Seed collection
Weed control
Conservation fencing
Heritage restoration

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Accommodation, meals, and projects transportation is included in the program cost.
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Program Reviews (5)

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21 years old
College Station, TX
Texas A&M University

Conservation Project


On this conservation project we did so many thing to rehabilitate and grow the degree of conservation in different parts of Australia. This was the greatest and most rewarding trip I had ever been on, and I have been to may countries before. Just knowing that I was, as cliché as it sounds, saving the planet was the greatest feeling. You can feel so small sometimes and think that something you do may not affect anyone around the world, but when you are standing on the edge of a cliff, or at the shore of a beach that you just spent all day cleaning and you look out into the world, you feel so powerful and there is no greater feeling than that.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe a wider variety of conservation projects. There is already a variety as we did different things throughout the week, but an additional project bank might have been good!

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24 years old

Helpin the animals


Our project was okay, very long and tiring days, but we did get to see some cute animals. Our project leaders were not fully prepared to do the task at hand, I.e. Needed help in operating their own equipment, but we managed. Their hearts are in the right place.

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24 years old
Birmingham, Alabama
Auburn University

Trip of a lifetime


This was a trip of a lifetime! I made lifelong friends with people from around the world who also valued my love of volunteering and travel. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff at Walkabout Wildlife Park. They were always right there working with us to make their park a better place. Our group focused on constructing walking trails and planting trees during our time at the park. We accomplished a lot during our two weeks, but I think that we would have been more productive if the labor of maintaining the park was cut into half days rather than being all day work. For example, working the mornings and then getting to interact with the wildlife or educating the public about the importance of conservation in the afternoons. The second half of the trip we toured the Eastern coast. My group got to meet the local and native people, interact with the wildlife, learn about the history of the country, as well as get to participate in activities such as scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving, white water rafting, repelling the Blue Mountains, surfing, ocean kayaking, and whale watching. This half of the trip was amazing and like nothing I had every experienced before. The free time that we got at each destination was important. It allowed us to do things individually that was not on the itinerary. On top of being a spectacular trip, it was wonderful that ISV took care of all the logistics of traveling so that I could just enjoy the ride. This was a no stress, thoroughly enjoyable, once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!

How can this program be improved?

One area that could be improved would be providing the travelers with a basic information package of what they need to know before traveling to their destination. The package could just include a very basic need to know checklist for traveling to said country. Things like to check your phone provider for international service, purchasing a phone card, packing enough local currency to get a cab or hotel room in the case of an emergency, translation dictionary, etc.. I received prior to my trip a packing list for the nature preserve which was wonderful, however, it would have been nice to have also receive a checklist just for international travel to my specific destination.

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19 years old
Sydney, New South Wales

Conservation volunteers australia


We did a lot of nice works to help to keep th wild like cleaning creeks, grasses and tree planting... We can meet a lot of nice people from all over the world and have new friends ! That's awesome ! A very good program.

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32 years old

Conservation Volunteer is good!!


I make a difference in this program.I think I really do the something in this world!!No matter I do the tree planting or weeds moving, I REALLY LOVE LOVE TO do these significant things!Australia is also so natural and pretty, I will not forget everything.because I met a lot of friends here,I believe CVA, BELIEVE these projects make us better.

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Conservation Volunteers offers unique conservation projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Students, professionals, retirees, and anyone with an interest in conservation and the outdoors is welcome. Visit the Conservation Volunteers website to learn more about how you can