Alumni Spotlight: Emily Gay

Emily Gay went on two GLA trips: Peru July 4 - 24 (2011) and South Africa (2 week trip, 2010). Emily, an 18-year-old high school senior, is from Boston, MA and babysits in Child Care room at local YMCA.

Why did you decide to volunteer with GLA in Peru?

Emily: Since I was very little I always wanted to travel. When I discovered GLA as a high school student I could not picture a more perfect way to not only travel but truly see the country and culture first hand. I chose to go to Peru last summer because of its amazing history, beautiful ruins and adventurous community service work.

Volunteer in Peru with Global Leadership Adventures

Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

Emily: As a volunteer in Peru our day started around 6 am. During the first half of the day we would take a long bus ride up to a improvised village where we built green houses out of adobe bricks. During the second half of the day we would come home to a tradition lunch consisting of fresh vegetables, rice, chicken and delicious desserts. After we rested we would either do an afternoon learning activity such as learning native dances and carving traditional pottery, or explore our surroundings. Weekends were the time for adventures, such as mountain climbing, biking and white water rafting.

What advice do you have for future volunteers?

Emily: To future volunteers: GLA is not only fun but a true learning experience. At times it's hard work, but in the end all very worth it.

How has this experience helped you grow personally and professionally?

Emily: I realize if I had not gone on my two GLA trips, I would not have the perspective I have today. The trips have made me see that I am capable of making a difference in the world, even if it is just a small one. From my first trip to South Africa I discovered my love for working with children, from the second trip to Peru I found my true inner strength.