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Discover Peru and learn all about life and culture from the Sacred Valley to the Spanish language while making a difference in the lives of families. GLA offers multiple Service Learning Adventures in Peru:

* Service in the Sacred Valley: Let the Andes Mountains take your breath away as you work on youth service projects.

* Spanish Service Adventure (Language Immersion): Learn Spanish, embrace Peruvian culture, and volunteer to better kids’ lives.

* Amazon Service Adventure: Piranhas, dolphins, monkeys and a jungle oasis that is primed for positive change? Welcome to the Amazon.

* Foundations of Global Health: Contribute to public health and the global good in the Andean communities of the Sacred Valley, and have an experience you'll never forget.

* Children of the Andes: Gain hands-on experience teaching in a classroom.

* Peru: Service Through the Lens™: Experience Machu Picchu and beyond as you refine your photography skills and storytelling techniques.

Program Highlight!

The ancient Inca Empire is yours to discover while making a difference in the lives of rural families on our Peru: Service in the Sacred Valley™ program.

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No previous experience is necessary! On my trip there were kids who never spoke or taken Spanish before, along with kids who were already fluent. GLA has several Spanish teachers to quickly figure out what level Spanish class each person should be placed in, and everybody finds their fit. On my trip in particular, we all worked together when practicing talking in Spanish. In groups we always...


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Yes, I recommend this program


Wow! GLA Peru was the best experience of my life. It was filled with growth, learning, service, friends, and fun. Every day of the program was well thought out and planned. I would definitely recommend! It was an amazing experience that allowed me to meet other students who love to travel and help other people! I would a 100% recommend GLA Peru! It was such a life changing experience. We did so many fun activity’s from hiking the Andes to zip lining! This trip was filled with so much servic too! We would do service in the morning and then have an adventure in the afternoon! For example if we did service in the morning somethimes in the afternoon we would go out in the town or have a music lesson! The lodging is very nice, it is a hostel that is just for GLA use! The owners are so nice and the hostel is gorgeous!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
The scariest moment of the whole trip woudl have to be getting on a plane by myself, that was very frightening! But I got through it and had no problem! I wasn’t even nervous flying home!
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Yes, I recommend this program

GLA peru

I recently went on the 14 day Service in the Sacred Valley trip with Global Leadership Adventures. From the minute I arrived at the airport, I was welcomed by the GLA staff. Over the next two weeks, I grew as a person, had life-changing experiences, and met a great group of people.

This program is excellent for anyone that wants to challenge themselves and learn about a different culture. In the 14 days, I was in Peru; I challenged myself both physically and mentally. It was a very intense program as the work was hard and the altitude did not help. Our determination to serve was so overwhelming that we did our best to help out as much as we could. At the end of our hard work, we were able to see the finished product: a cuy (guinea pig) farm that would help the family financially and would be a source of food. The family was so overwhelmed with gratitude that they even go us a thank you gift. One of the best moments of my trip, better than Machu Picchu or getting spit on by llamas, was helping out that one family and hearing them thank us, even if it was in a different language.

Overall the trip is fantastic! You bond with the people around you, both peers and mentors, and you get to do incredible things while exploring a different country. If anyone is considering the program, I genuinely recommend GLA.

What would you improve about this program?
If you are ready to explore the world I would truly recommend doing the 21 day program because the people you meet become your family and once day 14 rolls around you do not want to leave! Also to take advantage of the full GLA experience, make sure to be open minded and embrace every opportunity to grow and serve.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Daughter loved GLA!

My daughter went with GLA to both Ghana and Peru and loved both of them. She has traveled before on her own, so we weren't that worried about her, but also always knew she was in good hands! GLA made the application process really simple, and we loved all the communication we got! They set up a blog that would be updated pretty frequently! GLA is awesome! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Yes, I recommend this program

One of a kind experience!

I went to the Amazon with Global Leadership Adventures this past summer. It was a truly increíble two weeks, filled with great adventure and rewarding service. The people of Peru are super friendly and the GLA mentors were very well versed with the community. I cherished every moment I spent there and would go back instantly. Anyone that wishes to do service abroad, especially in a place as magical as the Amazon, GLA has amazing programs that travel across the globe.

Response from Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)

Thank you for sharing your takeaways from your volunteering experience with GLA in Peru. We're so glad you had a wonderful time and made lifetime memories during your time abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Hi all! I am a Global Leadership Adventures Alumni and I had an amazing time in Peru, this past summer! I really recommend GLA! The housing experience was great! GLA Peru rented out a hotel in Cusco, for both the 2 week and the 3 week groups. I felt very safe there! I had never been to Peru, so I felt that by being there I grew, a lot! I understood much of their culture and what their lifestyles are like. The program staff were very supportive! I felt that I was able to talk to them about whatever I needed, or if I was frustrated with other students! Overall I recommend GLA to all High School age students.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unique Adventure for Anyone Who Takes It

Service in the sacred valley had to be the best possible way to spend a part of my summer and it may have been my best summer yet. I had my doubts initially as to whether the program was the right one for me; I'm pretty introverted, so I didn't know if it would be to much social interaction. However, I've discovered that GLA offers the perfect amount. In traveling to architectural sights and hiking through the mountains, you could choose to appreciate and reflect on your surroundings internally or you could choose to express them externally, where a group of people could relay how they felt back to you and you could share in that with them. Being apart of this program has made me realize how much I like working with children, and how I want to incorporate that into my future. The same goes with traveling: once you're bit by the travel bug, there's no going back. Gla offers you an opportunity to discover what you're passionate about or, if you have that passion already, to further discover the best way to incorporate what you love into your future. I would definitely do this again.

What would you improve about this program?
I would change how much food is wasted at Gla meals. We had an over abundance of food that sometimes went to waste; we just didn't eat as much as we had. I think that instead of throwing it out, we should give it to people in the area who need it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat

My three weeks in Andahuaylillas (a little town about an hour south of Cusco) were easily among the most magical times of my life and is something that I will never forget as long as I live. Being in the Andes surrounded by all the culture and history of the land and people was extremely enlightening, it helped put more of a perspective on the size of the world. The massive mountains around you all the time and the best view of the night sky I have ever experienced in my life are extremely high up on my list of favorite things about going on this trip. The only thing that surpasses that is the people who went through it all with me. I met thirty-something of the most amazing people i could have ever hoped to meet, I consider these people to be some of my best and closest friends on the planet. One of the funniest times of my whole life was the series of days that we travelled to Machu Picchu. Each day was super awesome in a different way, from a multiple hour bus ride with a soak in some sweet hot springs at the end, to a scenic walk along railroad tracks next to the beautiful Urubamba river on our way to Aguas Calientes. I remember everyone walking around laughing and having a great time while we looked around all the markets that had things that you don't generally see in the USA. This trip was absolutely incredible and life changing in so many ways. I loved every second of my time in Peru and I would recommend this to everyone!

What would you improve about this program?
It could have been longer, saying goodbye was the hardest part.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable Three Weeks

It is very hard to summarized 3 weeks in to a paragraph, it is hard to believe but this trip has made a huge impact on how i viewed the world. I was very nervous and anxious before the trip because it was my first time ever leave the country alone. I was hoping that a member of GLA would somehow purchased the same flight I had but it did not happen. However, I was glad that I was by myself on my flight to Peru because it made me more confident and I even made friends with people. One thing I wish I knew was that I need to pick up my luggage when I arrived in Lima airport; when I landed in Cuzco, I found out that my suitcase was stuck in Lima and it would take 2 to 3 days before I could get it.

Flash forward to my arrival, I was the first student in my group to arrived. I was greeted by my mentors who made me felt right at home. When my fellow student arrived, they were so nice and sweet that I fit right in. The view I had of Peru when I got there was already amazing, but with the people whom I spend 3 weeks, I will never forget it.

The mentors were so friendly and sweet that our group eventually call them our dad, mom, and bigger sister. The locals were so sweet and amazing. The people i volunteer for treated us with respect and teaches us new skill;, they never made us feel uncomfortable at all and trusted us with all their heart. Even though the local live in poverty, you can never find them without a smile on their face. I have learn to be grateful for the privileges I have because the people in Peru always enjoy the little things in life even when things were rough.

The most unforgettable event that I will always treasure is when I learn how to knit with the women. It was the second to last week of my short trip and I promised my self I would learn how to knit, so I went to a workshop at the place I volunteered at and asked the women to teach me how to knit. Between my limited knowledge of Spanish and the women who couldn't speak English, they agreed to teach me. I spend an entire day learning how to knit in different patterns. The women were very gentle, they showed me the right ways when I was wrong, then eventually they allowed me to knit my first beanie. Leaving the women there was the hardest; they cried when I said goodbye. Even though I only knew them for a short period of time, tears didn't stop flowing out of one of the women's cheek. I promised her and myself that I would study hard and one day I will return and visit here and the people there.