Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Tichenor

What inspired you to intern in Shanghai with Absolute Internship?

Andrew: My inspiration to intern with Absolute Internship stemmed from studying abroad in Shanghai the prior year, but four months of studying still did not prepare me for the cultural differences, the different means of communication, and the very top-down management style present in my job. Absolute made this experience possible by setting up an internship of my choice along with wonderful trips and cultural experiences not possible on my own.

The full-time staff provided networking events and activities after work as well as apartment-style living with a gym and pool. Absolute Internship fostered an awesome working environment for all twenty interns in the program where everyone felt as they had a second family in this brand new city.

Andrew with some friends in Shanghai

Describe your day to day activities as an intern in Shanghai

Andrew: I ended up interning for a firm called Orient Media as a personal assistant to the CEO. The company allowed me to handle communication with their Western advertisers, which was exciting due to the instant responsibility and exposure to upper level management. I really do not feel you have experienced China until you have worked inside a Chinese company for a Chinese boss. You should make the first and largest step by deciding to take the chance to live and work in China with Absolute Internship.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Andrew: Working in China gave me instant credibility when interviewing for full-time positions. You will find it worth the time, a great learning experience, and a great resume boost, not saying you need that or anything.