Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Frable

What originally inspired you to intern in London, England with Intrax?

Taylor: I was originally inspired by my friend who told me about Intrax and their abroad program. I have always wanted the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures. When I heard about Intrax I knew it would be an amazing experience.

Sightseeing at Stonehenge

Describe your day to day activities as an intern in London.

Taylor: I had to commute every day to my internship with Hillgate Public Relations Limited. This let me use the tube to and from work and really get used to how to travel around London. There is not normals day in public relations but each morning each person in the office would grab a newspaper to see if any of our clients got any coverage and look for trends and hot topics. I would usually work on press releases about client products, research blogs, and call journalists and editors.

Taylor and a friend in front of the London Eye

How has this experience impacted your future?

Taylor: The chance to work abroad with Intrax has benefited my future greatly. Having interned in London has really helped me stand apart from the hundreds of others applying for the same jobs as me. It has also helped me meet great friends who I am still close with since last summer. Overall I would recommend this experience to anyone!