Alumni Spotlight: Amy Lustig

Why did you decide to study abroad with API in Granada?

Amy: First, I went to Spain because I was a Spanish major and wanted to learn the most accurate form of Spanish. Second, I chose API because they offered the most, the cost was reasonable, and they had come highly recommended. (And I would DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone who was thinking about studying abroad! Awesome program, awesome directors, and so very helpful!!) When I went they offered optional international excursions, and now they're included. Makes API even better!

View of the famous Alhambra palace, Granada

What do you think made studying in Spain unique and special?

Amy: I would say living with a host family and NOT hanging out with my American classmates made this a very interesting and life-changing experience. I feel like I was able to experience so much more since I stayed with my host family for the entire year; most year-long students move into an apartment after the first semester. Overall, just immersing myself in a completely different culture changed my perspective on life, so much so that I am currently getting a MA in International Education so that I can become a study abroad adviser.

A typical street in Granada

How did this experience impact your academic development?

Amy: I went back to Spain on my own for the majority of 2005 after going with API from 2002-2003, which I never would have considered had it not been for my initial experience. I am also currently working on a MA degree in International Education so that I may become a study abroad adviser and be able to tell students about my experience abroad.

I definitely live my life from a Spanish perspective now; more "work to live' as opposed to "live to work." Before living in Spain I was definitely more of the latter.