Jeramy Johnson

Vice President of Marketing and Development
We recently chatted with API's Vice President of Marketing and Development, Jeramy Johnson, to learn more about API and the philosophy behind their study abroad programs. Jeramy is also in charge of API's social media and he is highly regarded within the industry for his ability to reach out and connect with students across multiple platforms. Be sure to follow Jeramy on Twitter @apiabroad.
Jeramy Johnson - Vice President of Marketing and Development

What position do you hold at API? What has been your career path so far?

Jeramy: I began work at API in university relations, marketing, and communications, and over the course of a decade I have worn many hats -- including that of transcript processor!

Along the way, I have learned our programs inside and out. I am now the Vice President of Marketing and Development. In this role, I manage the development of new study abroad programs and locations and coordinate the flow of information relating to existing programs. I am also responsible for the production of our marketing materials (print and online), as well as our large social media presence.

Did YOU study abroad?

Jeramy:I did not have the opportunity to study abroad in college, though I have traveled extensively and have visited most of the API program locations. I was initially drawn to study abroad through personal relationships, fell in love with it, and have been working in the field for over 10 years

What separates API from other study abroad program providers?

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Jeramy: Innovation. Academic excellence. Outstanding value. These are all points of distinction for API, but what truly sets our programs apart are the intangibles, such as the people who work for this organization and the interactions the students have with them.

From the participant's first contact with a program manager, to their amazing on-site staff, to their return home, they are provided with exceptional expertise and personal service - and these are the things that are most often cited in our many positive evaluations and enduring relationships..

What country have you always wanted to visit?

Jeramy: Asking someone in this field that question is opening yourself up to a LONG answer! I don't think I could narrow it down to just one, so I'll list the countries currently atop my bucket list :)

  • New Zealand
  • Turkey
  • Chile
  • Norway
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Which country do you think is an underrated study abroad destination? Conversely, do you think there is a country which is overrated?

Jeramy: I don't know that I'd label any country as "overrated" - I believe any international educational experience can be valuable to a student. There are certainly many underrepresented countries and locations in the U.S. study abroad landscape, and API has been excited to pursue the development of programs in such areas.

From "off the beaten path" locations in traditional countries (such as Cadiz in Spain or Taormina in Italy) to non-traditional locations such as Bhutan, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, or the UAE, it is a goal of API to continue to expand the reach and range of study abroad opportunities for our students..