Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Pachino

Why did you decide to study abroad with CIEE at the University of Sevilla?

Brooke: I decided to study abroad with CIEE at the University of Sevilla because I was really interested in going to a Spanish speaking country in Europe so that I could not only perfect my Spanish, live with a host family there, but also travel the world. Putting myself outside of my comfort zone was something really important for me, as a way to learn and grow, and the program with CIEE definitely guided me in that process.

What made your study abroad experience unique and special?

Brooke: My study abroad experience was unique because I came on the program alone without knowing anyone, in a country where barely anyone spoke English. In addition, I got to travel to eight different countries over my time abroad, which was truly an incredible way to see the world and different cultures. It is incredible how easily you can hop on a plane and in 2 hours, be in a completely new place, culture, language, and atmosphere. I loved it!

A beautiful shot of a sunset in Sevilla, Spain

How has this experience impacted your future?

Brooke: Personally, I have grown from my abroad experience. Not only am I close to fluent in spanish now, but I also have grown as a person. I am now more confident in everything I do, in my abilities to meet new people, and to go outside of my "box". Academically, I thrived in a new country by taking every single one of my classes in all Spanish, having to communicate with my host mom in that foreign language, and being so far from home for 4 months. It was truly an incredible experience and one that I will always remember.