Alumni Spotlight: Jillian Dahlen

Why did you decide to study abroad with EuroLearn at Kingston University?

Jillian: I have always wanted to spend time in London, so studying abroad was my best bet. I picked EuroLearn at Kingston University because it seemed like a great value. I was looking for a program in or close to the center of London with classes that would be more personally gratifying than academically necessary.

I picked the classes that were more about seeing the country but I know that some of the students had tough academic classes. From the start, EuroLearn made personal contact with me and worked with me on an individual basis therefore I felt comfortable choosing the program.

Jillian with other EuroLearn students enjoying their time in London

What made your study abroad experience unique and special?

Jillian: This experience was special to me because it was the first time that I was truly on my own, and in a city that I had dreamed about visiting since the 3rd grade! One of the best things was being with an entire group of people my age that loved London just as much as me. The experience was new to all of us and really provided the opportunity to become great friends, which made the time go by way too fast.

The chance to be a student in a different country made the experience unique; everyone can visit a city, but not everyone can really experience the different culture and lifestyle. Everyday was a challenge but it was so exciting and a chance to learn...going to the grocery store, the different McDonalds menu, meeting local people and learning what they thought of us...

Jillian and some friends in London, England

How has this experience impacted your future?

Jillian: I feel that this experience really made me more prepared for things outside of my comfort zone. Now, I am much more willing to do things and go places that make me uncomfortable which is something I truly value. I plan to go back to London for postgraduate education and look forward to spending more time there. I still keep in contact with several of the people from my study abroad group, I know we all miss that summer in London. It was was one of the best experience in my life and I encourage everyone study abroad.