Alumni Spotlight: Tessa McConnell

Tessa in the Czech Republic!

Why choose Panrimo?

Tessa: I decided to intern abroad with Panrimo because they let me choose and design my own internship that was right for me at a reasonable price. Instead of signing up for a package deal, Panrimo listened to my specific interests and customized the program to be unique to my professional and academic goals. No other study abroad providers offered such a specialized program.

What made this intern abroad experience unique and special?

Tessa: This internship was incredible for me because I saw so many things that I had only learned about in class up until that point. Through the work that I did and the individuals I worked with, I got a brand new perspective on the world around us. What's more, I worked in an international setting, alongside people from many different cultures. I not only learned more about my field of study, but I further developed my inter-personal and communication skills. All in all, I was happy with what I gained from this experience in a professional environment.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Tessa: This internship has opened so many doors for my future and really shaped the work I want to do in the future. Working directly with human trafficking organizations cemented my interest - enough to make me want to have a full career! I lived with other American students but spent the majority of my days interacting with my coworkers - sometimes they would even take me out for lunch. I was able to explore Prague and appreciated the opportunity to see the city from the working world's point of view.

Look at that graffiti!