Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Hanacik

Why choose Panrimo?

Elizabeth: I chose Panrimo because I knew I wanted to go Italy, and thought that a program in Florence would be nice because of all the art that Florence has to offer. The dates worked well with my other plans for the summer, and it seemed like Panrimo would offer more personal attention than other programs. They have personal contacts in the destination city for all of their programs- knowing that there would be someone in Florence who would be able to help me out if needed was really reassuring.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Elizabeth: I think what made this study abroad experience unique was the flexibility and freedom that I had. I had to go to class for a couple of hours four days a week, but other than that I was really free to spend my time however I wanted. If I decided to hop on a train one day and go somewhere, I could. The program provided enough structure that I didn’t feel lost or uncertain, but not so much structure that I felt like everything had been planned for me. The possibilities in Italy are endless, so having the freedom to explore them was wonderful.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Elizabeth: I think that the trip has given me a great deal personally. It immersed me in a new culture that I had never experienced before. The best thing about it is that I saw a different way of living. It is easy, especially in America, to assume that everyone lives and thinks the same way. Living in another country proves how false that impression is; my life in Italy was much different than my life at home, and that was alright. There are pros and cons to everything, and being open to other people’s ways of life, even if they are different than my own, will only help me in the future.

Beautiful Italian sunset!