Brodi Jewell

Brodi Jewell recently volunteered as a teach in Italy with Geovisions. The experience taught her valuable lessons about patience. She feels that she has undergone tremendous personal growth, gaining a more positive outlook on life.

What originally inspired you to teach in Italy with GeoVisions?

Brodi: I had been looking to volunteer abroad for the past year and I decided to start looking seriously. I contacted a friend who had volunteered recently and asked her what organization she went through. She told me Geovisions. So I immediately went to the website and started looking at all the different opportunities they had. I came across the conversation corps program and was immediately excited. The idea of being able to live with a family and learn their culture etc, as well as getting to interact and teach my native language sounded great. I began looking more into the places I could visit, and saw Italy was an option. Needless to say it took no time to decide where I was going!

Brodi at the Roman Coliseum

Describe your day to day activities as a teacher in Italy.

Brodi: During 8-5:30 I had free time to explore the city where I stayed, as well as the surrounding areas. When I arrived home at 5:30, my family would also arrive home with the child I was teaching. From 5:30/6pm until 8pm I would use flash cards, play sports, card games, and more. At 8pm we would eat, and then at 9 before his bed time I would play one more low-key game and then the child would go to bed. I made sure to not only speak English to the child during the games, but also in normal conversation with the rest of the family. I always pointed out different colours or objects and made him repeat what I said.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Brodi: I feel as though I grew as a person from all the different experiences I had while in Italy. Whether it was learning how to live with a new family, learning a new culture, teaching a child (as I am not a teacher), travelling on my own, learning a new language, or meeting people from all over the world, all these things impacted my future. I am now more independent, self reliant, patient and I feel as though I have a more overall positive look in life, and am more apt to “roll with the punches” that life throws at you. This experience was priceless.