Alumni Spotlight: Sally Seward

Sally is a Spanish to English translator who studied, lived and worked in Madrid, Spain for three years. She has since moved back to her native Colorado. Though she misses Spain greatly, she is pursuing a career that builds upon all the experiences she had and all the lessons she learned while living there. Find her on LinkedIn.

Sally Seward is from Boulder, Colorado and is currently studying to be a translator. She is 22 and recently graduated from Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus with degrees in Political Science and Spanish. She is passionate about all things involving language and culture.

AIFS Salamanca, Spain outside students

Why did you decide to study abroad with AIFS?

Sally: I decided to study abroad with AIFS because I liked the idea of studying in the famous University of Salamanca along with students from many other countries. I also liked the elective language and non-language (cooking, dance) courses that were offered. I took a translation course one hour each day, and now I’ve decided on translation as a career!

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Sally: I liked the fact that the students in my group came from all over the U.S., so everyone was in the position of not knowing anyone else. This made it easy to make friends very quickly. I liked the AIFS staff in Salamanca – they were very fun and helpful. I really enjoyed the opportunities that we had to travel to Madrid, to Segovia, and to Portugal. I also liked the freedom that we had to explore the city on our own in our free time. It certainly helped me welcome more independent and realize what I was capable of. I left Spain that summer with many new friends, many new experiences, and an improved level of Spanish.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Sally: This program impacted my life in more ways than one. When I graduated from high school, a year after studying abroad with AIFS, I decided to go to college in Spain. For the next four years I attended the Madrid, Spain campus of Saint Louis University. Having studied abroad in Salamanca made me know that I would love life in Spain and that I was capable of overcoming the difficulties of living in a foreign country. It also solidified my desire to major in Spanish, since I had thoroughly enjoyed studying the language for hours each day the summer earlier. As I now begin my career as a Spanish to English translator, my experience abroad will definitely be a valuable asset. As a last note I want to say that, even for students who don’t plan to major in a language or live abroad for an extended period of time, studying abroad is still an invaluable experience. It made me realize how large the world is, it made me a more curious person, and it forced me to reflect critically on my own country, which is always a good thing.