Alumni Spotlight: Kayda Prodgers


Kayda Prodgers (age 22) is from Cape Town, South Africa. Kayda arrived in Israel in June 2010 and began her studies that fall. Kayda has now completed her degree in Psychology at IDC, Herzliyaand is currently working until she begins her Master's degree next year.

Why did you decide to study abroad with IDC Herzliya?

I decided to study abroad at IDC, Herzliya because of the quality of the education I knew I would receive, the intimate classroom settings, the exposure to Israel and her society, the opportunity to meet new people from around the world and the chance to be in a positive and stimulating environment.

Describe your program socially and academically.

The psychology program is a demanding one with a full schedule throughout its three-year duration. Professors expect a high level of commitment to one's studies and to the classes. A heavy emphasis is placed on understanding and practicing research methodologies and statistics, as well as in depth study of biology and various specializations within psychology. Individual assistance is always available to students in need. Socially, the IDC Herzliya is a hub of activity and excitement. There is always something happening on campus, students are continuously encouraged to interact and engage with one another both on and off campus and Herzliya (the city the university is situated) is alive with international students staying in university housing. Even the staff are part of social events for the various programs throughout the year and many events are planned especially for international students to feel more at home in Israel.

What is one piece of advice you'd give future IDC Herzliya students?

One piece of advice I would give to future students is that if you chose to study at IDC Herzliya, you should arrive with an open mind and heart - so many incredible opportunities will come your way, and if you turn a blind eye for even a second you might miss something that could change your life. Force yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, and you will discover friendships and academic interests you never thought you would have!