Alumni Spotlight: Zach Tucker


Zach Tucker is a teacher by trade, born in Texas about 25 years ago. He received a bachelors from Texas A&M Univerisity, and loves film, music, and disc ultimate.

Highlights: The highlight of my teaching experience has been learning how to effectively manage a classroom in spite of the language barrier, and finding ways to peak their interest in learning English. I have had amazing opportunities to learn about a culture completely different than mine by living in Korea, and have loved experiencing their hospitality and food. The Native English Teacher community is incredibly diverse and I have learned much from their distinct cultures as well.

Morning: My typical morning consists of waking up around 7:00am, taking my time getting ready, and then I catch a bus at 8:00am. The bus ride is about half an hour, so I get to school with plenty of time to spare before classes start at 9:00am.

Afternoon: I am required to be at school from 9-5, and that usually consists of teaching 3-5 classes, each lasting a about 45 minutes. The rest of my time I spend lesson planning or perusing the web at my desk.

Evening: I take a bus (or hitch a ride from a coworker) home and relax/unwind for a bit before grabbing dinner with other English teachers in town. I then spend the evening hiking, playing sports, watching tv, or indulging in other hobbies.