Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Moyes

Jordan is 20 years old and spent his first 18 years living in Avon, Indiana. He currently lives in Tampa, FL and attends the University of South Florida. Jordan will graduate next May with his Bachelor's in Business Management.

Why did you decide to study abroad with ESAC in Prague?

Jordan: I chose to study abroad in Prague with ESAC because of the courses offered, and also the location of the trip. A lot of my friends from my university went to Italy and I have had family travel to Spain, but I had never heard anything about Prague or the Czech Republic. I wanted to venture out and see a new place that not many people had to been to that I know personally. I was very happy with my decision because I met a number of friends from Metro State University in Denver, Colorado and tried something different. I now have experiences that I can tell other people about and have pictures and memories of places that not many others have.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

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Jordan: There were many aspects of this study abroad trip that made it unique to me. Besides the classes and business tours set up by ESAC, I had a lot of free time to explore. I am usually the type of person to follow a schedule, but being in a foreign country without a car, without much knowledge of the language, I had to adjust. This, however, made for the best possible trip. I went on a whim to Germany for a weekend, a “secret village” on another, and saw all sorts of buildings, monuments, castles, and statues that you do not see elsewhere. The history and public transportation in the city of Prague were other features that I enjoyed. Not having to pay for gas and being able to relax on trips was an experience I will not soon forget.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Jordan: By going on this trip this past summer, I have made numerous friends from all over the United States (and city of Prague) that I still stay in touch with to this day. This experience also gave me an excellent list of contacts I could potentially use down the road in my professional career. The professors ESAC provided were a couple of the best professors I have had during my time in school. They kept me engaged and also taught me more about business than a textbook can.

Learning in another country and culture was also something that will impact my future. It gave me the knowledge I can use in the future if I ever conduct business internationally. In fact, I put my study abroad experience on my résumé to show that I was able to succeed in learning somewhere outside my comfort zone. Last, the biggest impact I received from this trip were the fun times I had during my free time, exploring the city and making the most of my four weeks. Going rafting in the “secret village” and touring two castles were definitely a couple of my favorite activities while abroad.

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What is one piece of advice you would offer something considering studying abroad in Prague?

Jordan: One piece of advice I would offer to a prospective student considering Prague is: do it. There is no price I could put on the great times I had or the sites I saw. I would visit Prague again anytime, hands down. Someone may be nervous on the plane ride over, and possibly the first couple days as I was, but once you get out of your American comfort zone, you will not want to leave. The food, the sites, the beer, the history, the friends and connections you will make are once in a lifetime opportunities.

I would encourage any student to study abroad, but I would definitely choose Prague as the destination and ESAC as the program to go through. The owners, professors, and students were so kind and helpful and truly made the trip. ESAC’s owners have endless connections to business professionals in Prague it seemed. I strongly advise students to go on this trip, and would encourage potential students to reach out to ESAC with any questions.