Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Gordon


Dual-Degree studying Business Administration and Spanish at the University of Michigan. Originally from West Bloomfield, Michigan. I do not have a go to dance move, I just let the music into my soul and let it go from there.

Why did you pick this program?

I picked Sage Corps program because it seemed like an ideal opportunity to practice my Spanish speaking ability in a native environment. Also, Sage Corps being during the summer allowed me to have an abroad experience (something my business degree was not going to permit).

What do you wish someone had told you before you went abroad?

It will be over before you know it. Two months was not long enough!

What is the most important thing you learned abroad?

The most important thing I learned abroad has to be how similar we all are around the world despite different cultures. Although we all come from different lands and backgrounds, young people are similar around the world and are just as curious about your life as you are about theirs.

What do you tell your friends who are thinking about going abroad?

Do it and don't think twice.

What was the hardest part about going abroad?

The 12 hours it takes to adjust to a new land.

What's your favorite story to tell about your time abroad?

I have two stories, one involves sneaking into Brazil to see the Foz do Iguacu and another involves a kid in our program getting arrested for hopping the Casa Rosada fence in Buenos Aires.

What made this experience unique and special?

My host family was incredible and an ideal living environment for the summer. I now feel like I have a second home/family in Argentina.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

Take advantage of every opportunity. While you will have work responsibilities during the week, make sure to take advantage of your surroundings and travel as often as possible. Even if it means working more hours M-Th so that you can take Friday off for a long weekend.