Staff Spotlight: Sahil Sabharwal

Head of Operations


Sahil was born in Delhi and completed his higher education specializing in commerce and finance. Sahil coordinates all the volunteer placements around the world, supervises the volunteer preparation and is also responsible for monitoring the projects around the world. Sahil loves to meet the volunteers from across the globe and make sure they have a great time on their programs.

How do you prepare your volunteers for their trip?

All Volunteering Solutions participants are assigned to a program coordinator who helps them in their trip preparation. They can easily get in touch with the coordinating staff through Skype, email, chat or by sending messages through their personalized My Account page. The participants are provided with comprehensive pre-departure manual which has in-depth information on what to expect in the country, about their projects, safety guidelines, emergency contact information, etc. We're also in regular touch with the volunteers and interns to see that all their queries are answered before the trip.

What's your favorite part of working with Volunteering Solutions?

Regularly meeting participants from all around the world, listening to their motivational stories and what motivated them to come and volunteer abroad in a different country. Also, having many returning participants coming every year and taking part in our different projects around the world. Traveling to different program destinations, meeting the locals, interacting with the project staff as well as witnessing the local culture and way of life.

Why is language learning and cultural immersion important to you?

Volunteering and interning abroad are great opportunities for participants to immerse themselves in the local culture of the country to which they are traveling. Traveling abroad and spending time to just help at a project should not be the only objective of the participants in my opinion.

Learning about the local culture, festivals, language, traditions and customs is also very important in my opinion. This not only makes the participants appreciate the local way of life, but also learn some local language which will help them in their projects as well. Due to this reason, we offer participants the opportunity to take part in "Language and Immersion Week" in Peru, India, Nepal and Costa Rica.

What language have you always wanted to learn and why​?

I have always wanted to learn Spanish as many of our participants come from Spanish speaking countries.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

At Volunteering Solutions, we offer a huge variety of program options for the participants -- giving them a broad scope of options from where they can choose their program. We offer volunteer projects, internships, in addition to: as well as summer volunteer and travel programs.

The summer volunteer and travel Programs are very popular with students and participants looking to spend time volunteering as well as traveling to some of the most popular locations on their summer break. The trips are available in: India, Nepal, South Africa, Thailand, Ghana and Tanzania. We also offer customized flexible group programs for faculty groups, college, high school or corporate groups.