Volunteer in South Africa with Volunteering Solutions
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Volunteer in South Africa with Volunteering Solutions

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If you're looking for an adventure where you can make a difference at the same time, join Volunteering Solutions in South Africa! Volunteering Solutions places volunteers in several different types of projects in Cape Town. Volunteers can teach children a variety of subjects in primary and secondary schools. You can also work with children who have been disadvantaged in orphanages, homes, and other social services settings. More active volunteers can also join the sports development program or you can choose the surf adventure program where you teach underprivileged children. Volunteers who want to contribute to conserving the local wildlife can volunteer at a wildlife reserve outside Port Elizabeth. For volunteers who love horses, there is an exciting program for volunteering in a horse stable.

This beautiful and diverse country still has a lot of room for growth in community development. Become a volunteer in South Africa to contribute to community empowerment. Visit the Volunteering Solutions website for more details!

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The only thing I would do differently is switch to a longer program! Although my two weeks there were absolutely amazing and I was able to do activities daily after volunteer service hours, I would've loved to stay longer! Cape Town is such a beautiful area and there is so much to do and see. I highly recommend this experience and opportunity to anyone!

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Unforgettable Experience!


My volunteer work in South Africa was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I lived in a house with about 30 other volunteers, so I never really had any privacy, but that way I got to know a lot of new people from many different countries with whom I explored Cape Town and its surroundings. I still have contact to some of them. So this program definitely helps to build international friendships. Cape Town and its surroundings is so beautiful and it offers many different things to do. I also enjoyed my child care project in a crèche very much. The kids were adorable and it was great to get an insight into the local child care work. However, you should be aware of the fact, that you can offer the kids a bit of a change while you're there, but you won't be able to change anything fundamentally. For me it was enough to just spend time with the children and be there for them, especially because the local staff didn't do much with them and they have very little stuff to play with. But if your goal is to make a big change, this program is not right for you. And of course you also need to know that you have to pay a lot of money for the sleeping place, for the food and for the whole organization. But in my opinion it's worth the money, because it's an experience that will impact you for the rest of your life, especially in the way you will think about foreign, but also your own culture.

19 years old

Thank you for a great time!


Overall I really enjoyed my month in Cape Town with volunteering solutions. I took part in the teaching programm in Chapel Street Primary School and I loved it. The kids were amazing, they made me feel so welcome and precious and the teachers were very friendly and supportive. I had a great time in my project and would really recommend everyone to take part in a project like this as well.
I stayed in a hostel in Observatory which I didn't like that much because there were just too many people (30 boys and girls) and you didn't have any privacy. We got dinner on 5 days of the week which I really appreciated. The staff in the hostel was friendly most of the time though the owner was grumpy from from time to time.
I would recommend volunteering solutions especially to young people who are looking for something to do after their graduation.
To the team of volunteering solutions: Thank you very much for a really good time!!

19 years old
Nephi, Utah
Utah Valley University

Life Changing


I have never rode a plane or left the country before. I decided to do this on my own and travel to Cape Town. The whole experience was very pricey and I was only there for two weeks. I stayed in a hostel with the other volunteers we all became very close and we are still in contact today. The hostel mom and dad were super awesome and loving. Volunteering at the schools were not as wonderful as I expected it to be but touring around the city was definitely the highlight of my trip. I definitely would recommend traveling to Cape Town and I hope one day I can go back.

23 years old
Boston, Massachusetts

Endless opportunity


This volunteer program well exceeded my expectations. The staff were very reliant and enthusiastic. Not only did I enjoy working at my volunteer site, but I also was able to immerse myself with the culture and beauty of South Africa, all in just 2 weeks! My biggest regret is that I could not stay longer.

The sisters at the Goodwood clinic taught me a lot about how health care is run in that part of the world. They trusted me work with patients alone, so I really felt like my help went a long way. I stayed with a host family that lived near the clinic and in turn was able to get a better insight on the lifestyles of South Africans, yet I was a little distant from town. I still had time after project and on the weekends to explore...there is so much to do.

The rewards of this experience are difficult to put into words for others, but easy to reflect upon once you've experienced it for yourself. Nothing compares to waking up every day in a different country and being able to explore all it has to offer, while giving back at the same time. Not only do you learn from the places you visit, but each person you meet seems to have their own story that sticks with you. This was a huge learning experience and eye opener for me and I cannot wait to come back one day.

21 years old

Teaching and Social Welfare Project in Cape Town


Going to Cape Town was the first big trip I did by myself and definitly the best thing I could do. It was just amazing to see how it is to be a teacher a primary school in Cape Town but also to work in a creche in the Township to see the difference. I really enjoyed every day of working there, helping the teacher by preparing stuff for the lessions, teaching songs and finger games, reading storys, painting and trying to give the children as much love back as they gave me. I've never expected that my time there will be so special and that I will learn so much from the children. I could never teach them as much as they taught me! After almost 2 incredible months it was very hard to say goodbye to all the friends I made there but also the lovely and crazy kids I worked with but one thing I know for shure that I'll come back some time!

24 years old

Amazingly crazy Cape Town.


I don't even know where to begin. I'm home for two weeks now and my heart literally has been aching for Cape Town and everything that came with it. First of all there is the city itself. It was incredibly beautiful, every day there was something new to discover. Every time again another breathtaking view. Second, there are the people I met. The other volunteers and travellers were all great, they gave me the time of my life. So many memories and adventures I will never forget. But most important. My kids. In the beginning I tried to keep my distance because I know I get attached easily to kids. So yes, you read it right, I tried. Of course after a couple hours I already blew it. Big time. Those sweet little babies with there endless smiles, crazy talk, big hugs, wet kisses, sparkling eyes, cutest laughs,... They stole my heart since day one. Since that day one they got into my heart every day a little more. I knew some of them had been through a lot and didn't have much at home. But seeing them smile and looking into those beautiful eyes and see some happiness... It got to me a few times. While we keep thinking about the bad things, they let go and live in the moment. They choose happiness. Every day over and over again. Because they have to. They have to fight every day for what they want, and sometimes even to survive. They're the bravest of all mankind. And that's what I will never forget. That's what changed my life and my point of view. They choose happiness, so I will choose happiness too. With my kids in my heart, I will try to choose happiness every day over and over again.

20 years old
Hameln, Germany

All in all the best experiance of my life so far


I just graduated from school this year so this trip was my first time traveling alone for such along time.
12 weeks sounds like forever but at the end it really showed me how time flies...

To be honest, my first week was the worst. On one hand I was so overwhelmed from all the new experiences but on the other hand very exhausted from meeting so many new people and finding my place in the hostel. I was laying in my bed and was asking my self how I should survive three month in Capetown.

After I was over my first and last down in my hole time in Capetown there was no space for beeing homesick anymore.
I've started to enjoy every moment of my trip.
The city is amazing! One of the most exiting and interesting cities in the world. I found some lovely friend who I will keep in touch with.
Everything was going to be easier from one day to another. In the hostel because you finally found friend but also in your project. After the first few days you know the rules in the class, you start to remember nearly every name and you know the personalities. It was one of the most amazing feelings to be part of the hole school life.
The only thing that was very hard for me to understand was the fact that you are not there to change the hole country even if you want to. I met a lot of volunteers who felt nearly the same way, useless.
It took me a while to understand to learn how to be proud of the small things I achieved. A smiling child that has a fun time because of me or a child that can finally understands how to solve easy maths stuff, is more imported than the big things. At the end three month is only a short period of time in my life and in the life of the kids. I cannot change the circumstances the kids have to live in or the way their parents treat them but I can help to built a save place at school where the kids can learn and play. After I learned that lesson it was much easier to be happy, working in my project.

I can recommend a project like this to everyone who wants to combine doing something good with having great experiances with the people in the hostel and all the great stuff you can do in Capetown. The organisation want you to also have a lot of free time so this is perfect for everyone who loves traveling and for everyone who is open minded and for everyone who thinks that he or she can handle also bad and hard experiances, but they will also change your view on life completly.

How can this program be improved?

The hostel...
All in all it fine I mean I'm still alive but there are a lot of small things that could be easily fixed.
For exaple the showers.. First of all four are not enough for 30 people. And the point that half of the house have to take a shower cold is a no go!
So I think, that the house needs a total make over.

25 years old

Cape Town - South Africa


This has been an amazing experience. I got the chance to develop personally by volunteering in the day care center in Cape Town. Additionally, I met incredible fellow like minded volunteers from all over the world. We were able to build friendships following our time together. I felt safe and well taken care of. I will definitely go for it again.

24 years old
Shelton, Connecticut
Southern Connecticut State University

Stop thinking, just go!


I had the best time of my life in South Africa volunteering through SASTS/Volunteering Solutions. The friendships I have made and the experiences I had were life changing. One of the little boys at the Gingerbread House even asked his parents if he could come back to America with me! The staff throughout the program and at the school itself were extremely encouraging. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. Anyone considering it should stop overthinking, and just go for it!

How can this program be improved?

Provide free wifi at the hostels the volunteers are staying at- especially if it is for a short period of time.

26 years old
Cologne, Germany

My 3 months trip to Cape Town - South Africa!


It was definitely the best decision I've ever made. My time in South Africa was just awesome. I'm back home for almost 4 months now and I'm still thinking about my trip every day. Volunteering Solutions and the staff from SASTS was always very helpful. I really enjoyed my time at Kiddies College Pre-School and I still miss all my little lovely kids.
We also had a great accommodation with up to 25 young people from around the world – it was like a big and crazy family.
During all the work at our projects we had enough time to travel and see all the beauty of this country. We traveled along the garden route, did the world highest bungy jump , visited Pretoria and Jo’burg – and saw the big 5 at kruger national park.

I can just recommend to all young people who are thinking about volunteering – just do it. It will change your life.

"You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place."

25 years old
Petawawa, Ontario

Great experience


The placement was an incredible experience. The teachers and staff ensured everyone felt welcome and useful. The SASTS support staff gave a very useful orientation and were there to answer questions during our stay. Schedules were flexible and many trips were available at extra cost so you can still do sightseeing.

19 years old

Will be going back again!


Went to SA with my friend and we had the time of our lives! Everything was great from airport pickup, food, accommodation and the staff were also truly amazing and willing to help.

We both worked under the childcare program and had great fun with young children, playing, teaching and doing activities. 4 weeks was not enough and I will go back again soon!

How can this program be improved?

I would probably not change anything!

19 years old

Amazing time in Cape Town


Me and my friend Jessica went to South Africa in Jan 2014 and we came back after 4 amazing weeks, thanks to Sahil and the team on ground. Everything from application to airport pickup went smoothly.

We stayed at the volunteer house which is not far from the city and all the fun, not to miss that we had 12 other volunteers making it great to hang out and make friends. The placement was at the childcare program about 30 min from the house. The kids were amazing and we spent quality time playing and hanging out with them.

Would recommend the program to anyone.

How can this program be improved?

Airport drop could be included for an extra fee to make life a bit easier for us :)

42 years old
Lowell, MA

South Africa Adventures


The views were amazing, the interactions with the wildlife was memorable, and the people made it feel like home. This experience was once in a lifetime! :)

24 years old
London School of Economics

The best decision I have made so far!!!


Basically I can just say that I have definitely made the best out of my time. You can do so many things!! I probably did anything you could do … I did Table Mountain twice,Lions Head, bungee jumping, abseiling, shark cage diving, elephant riding, sky diving, the Western Cape and the Garden Route tour AND I even got to see some museums. You will have an amazing time and you get everything in South Africa: the city, the mountains, the ocean, the beach, the desert and of course an amazing landscape.

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