Staff Spotlight: Lili Coffin

Digital Marketing Manager


What is your favorite travel memory?

My best travel memory is when I was in Portugal and I learned how to surf in a surf camp. I met a bunch of new people - surfers, travelers, hippies and dreamers from all around the world.

Since then, my life has revolved around surfing. Surfing is an amazing passion that has brought me a new lifestyle, a great job, friends, travels and made me healthier and happier. Those two weeks in Portugal definitely changed my life!

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I have changed/grown since working for Australian Surf Tours so much! I'm very fortunate. Meeting people from all around the world has opened my mind to different cultures and what is happening in the world.

Living for surfing and combining it with work in the surfing industry is just a dream. Waking up to talk surfing and write all day about surfing is the most amazing thing. I do a lot of research online for my job, now I have a much better understanding of our sport.

I am also a photographer for the company. I have learned how to get get the best shot of the students while they are surfing. Seeing their laugh, pride, and eyes when they' re watching themselves taking the biggest drop or looking like a surfer dude is priceless. It's epic! Plus, I have learned so much about the technical side of photography, SEO, and marketing.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

The best story I have heard from return surfer students, is when they leave our surf camp feeling confident and knowing that they have learned so much.

They take these experiences and skills with them when they go home to their own countries and continue to plan surf adventures, make friends, and surf new waves all over the world.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

If I could go any program that my company offers I would do the three month course without any doubt. Surfing is one of the hardest sports I have ever tried, but goes along with a lifestyle that I love and allows me to meet some amazing people.

We share beautiful experiences like playing guitar around a fire or having a beer around a barbecue. I would live this dream for three months and improve my surfing in the mean time.

I know how much our surf coaches care about the improvement of the students and how complete our course is in surfing theory, surf specific skating, video correction, etc.

What makes your company unique?

Australian Surf Tours is unique because of the family vibe that we all feel here. People come for one day or a weekend and end up staying for a week or more. Not to forget, those who come back and tells us it feels like home for them - " you guys are my Aussie family".

There is no better feeling than hearing and seeing that our guests are happy and becoming friends with us. It is funny, when you see a students arrive they are often smoking, pale, and enjoying a beer.

They end up quitting smoking, get the surfer tan and the blond hair that goes with it, and live for surfing. I think Australian Surf Tours has the capacity to change lives of people and this is what makes us unique.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I believe the biggest factor in being a successful company is putting in hard work and never giving up. At Australian Surf Tours we live for our values, which remain the same from when the company began in 2009.

We prioritize fun, the surfing lifestyle, exchange experiences and different cultures, adventure, a healthy environment, and living with nature.

I believe a successful company knows the needs of the clients. Today people want more than an experience, they want a concept. That's why we expanded AST from a two day adventure to providing a complete life changing experience. This echoes true in our slogan - AST is more than just a surf camp.

I also think that a professional attitude is key to a successful company. Always working to be better, and never giving up.

When were you especially proud of your team?

I am especially proud of my team when we have our end of season party or Christmas party. Everyone is together - students, staff and team. We give speeches to highlight and remember the good memories, the funny things, the uniqueness of each staff and thank our clients for their loyalty.

Another favorite time is our end of week ceremony that also brings everyone together to celebrate the week past, have a nice dinner, cold beers, and there is always a personal speech made for the students where everyone laughs at the good times we've had. All of the team is here and it truly feels like a family.