Staff Spotlight: Seth Karikari Mensah

Country Director


Tell us about yourself, Seth.

I am a KFC loving, volunteer engaging, community evolving, spring roll eating footballer! I have a passion for hosting volunteers and do it with the charisma of Michael Essien.

What is your favorite travel memory?

My favorite memory has to be my first trip to Mole National Park with volunteers in 2014. The park hotel was full so the volunteers opted to stay in the nearby hostels and the rooms were shared in outdoor blocks.

The girls said they would go fetch their shower water from the nearby water reserve. In the morning we spent the safari walk laughing about how some of the girls just showered in the bush because the shower blocks had 'animals' inside. Ine reality, these animals were two small beetles crawling on the floor of the shower!

The reason I felt this was a memorable trip was the group became so close and adapted quickly to the unforeseen challenges of Ghana. Our resources are limited, but when the group found the brighter side of the obstacle we found ourselves laughing and grew very close! I still speak to some of them today, 3 years later.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I think the biggest growth is learning about other cultures, my English and the impact on my community. I grew up in a very poor atmosphere, but with the help of the volunteers and success of PMGY Ghana many people in my community have benefited.

I have learned of the 'power of small' by doing little things that make all the difference in the volunteer's time in Ghana. I love hearing about their favorite memories after they depart from us and knowing that they grew to accept the slow timing of Ghana, the fast-paced environment of the markets and the ever-flowing love of the children at our teaching and orphanage projects!

I have been fortunate to not only host the volunteers but also go to their homes in England and this has built better relationships with many.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

PMGY Ghana is unique because while our destination is a bit poor, and we have long power outages and cold showers, our volunteers still find deep satisfaction!

This comes from being emerged in a culture completely different from their own and receiving great support from our local team as well as the UK team. Before arrival, the volunteers are told about the time in country, and when they arrive we are able to elaborate and show them our culture.

The Ghanaian culture is rich and colorful! We are so thankful to witness lives changed while teaching the students in the classroom or developing knowledge of the healthcare system in the surgical wards. No matter the project volunteers develop a deep appreciation for our lifestyle and the team with PMGY Ghana!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I think the biggest factor is communication. In Ghana, unforeseen things happen all the time and if we communicate the possibilities in advance, then when they happen volunteers are able to adapt easier. This could be prolonged waiting times, power-cuts, water shortages, interaction on projects, or just the cultural differences with those in their new environment.

PMGY Ghana has developed much better communication skills over the years and I feel this is a major reason why volunteers are satisfied and feel supported while on program!