Staff Spotlight: Laura Sargent

Administrative Assistant


Laura provides a tremendous amount of day-to-day support for our team. From event planning to managing our social media posts, her enthusiasm and positivity brighten our front office daily.

What makes Dynamy Unique?

Dynamy is one of the few “domestic” gap year options out there. Rather than traveling and exploring the world, Dynamy encourages young people to explore personal and career interests and develop essential life skills to be successful in the real world. This change from a typical traveling program allows students to learn how to independently navigate real-life situations and grow in areas that they will face in their everyday lives.

What is your favorite aspect of the program?

As an admin in the program, I enjoy watching the students develop friendships and adjust to living with others. It’s always sweet to see the unique bonds and hear students working out cooking/cleaning schedules with each other. From complete strangers on day one to sharing in memories and personal growth by the time of graduation, it’s a great sight to see!

What is the best success story you've heard from a Dynamy alumni?

I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting many alumni that came back to visit the program. One student that stands out to me was a young woman who came to the program with little to no confidence. She did amazing during her time here, thoroughly enjoyed her internship experience and immediately went on to a local university to earn her undergrad degree and is now pursuing her master’s degree. She came back to the program and spoke very confidently about all that she had learned at Dynamy and what her future plans are. The change of attitude and a clear pursuit of reaching her dreams were truly astonishing!

If you could participate in an internship offered through Dynamy, which one would you choose?

I would choose to intern at NU Kitchen.

I’ve never worked in food service before and NU is unique because their food is sourced from trusted producers and farmers, from all-natural meats to locally grown carrots and apples. They prioritize providing customers with the most wholesome, healthy, and safe food possible. As an intern, I would work in food prep, at the cash register, preparing smoothies, and will also learn about running a business.

What is your favorite part of working in Worcester?

You may notice from my last answer… I love food! Worcester is such an exciting city and offers great restaurants and cafes! I love to try out new places - sometimes I drive around and find new places to try. I’m never disappointed!

I also love the neighbor we are located in because there is a beautiful park nearby that I love to walk through and enjoy the ever-changing New England weather!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful Gap Year?

I believe a successful gap year means taking the time you need to discover a path for the future and determine the person you want to be. In this case, that means exploring multiple career options and seeing which one fits best or interests you’re the most.

It also means forming a community with peers that are facing the same issues as you are and having the chance to navigating those issues as an adult.