Staff Spotlight: Jon Bowditch

Global Mobility Officer (Inbound)


I began working at the University of Sussex in 2015. After 3 years in the Postgraduate Admissions department I moved to the Global Engagement team where I supported Sussex students going on a semester or year abroad, as well as Summer Schools programmes. In August 2021 I took up my current role a the Global Mobility Officer (Inbound). Along with my colleagues Sara and Louise, I look after all the incoming visiting and exchange students to the university.

How many students attend your university?

17,000 in total. This includes 5,000 international students from 145 countries

Please outline any qualifications to get accepted to your university (minimum SAT scores, GPA, age, transcripts, language etc.)

Students need to have completed at least one year of higher education and have a minimum of 2.8 GPA out of 4. There is also an English language requirement (further details can be found here).

What is the international student experience like at the University of Sussex?

Students will experience our beautiful green campus. Sussex us the only UK university to be located in a national park. We are also only 10 minutes from the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Brighton & Hove which is home to a great arts scene as well as our fantastic beach. The campus is just an hour from London by train too.

The university prides itself on it's international outlook. Students will therefore find a very inclusive environment with the opportunity to mix with not just students from the UK but also around the work.

When should international students start the application process for the University of Sussex?

For the Autumn Semester the deadline is 1st April. For Spring it will be 15th October.

How long does the application process take?

The application is quite simple to complete so should not take students long to complete. We also try to get back to students as soon as possible regarding the outcome of their applications.

What is the academic experience like at your university compared to other international universities? What surprises students most?

I think our campus and location really stands out compared to other universities in the UK. We have the perfect mix of a great city that's very lively but easy to get around, and also the tranquility of beautiful countryside. If that isn't enough we also have a fantastic beach! We are also have great connections to the rest of the UK as well as Europe, with Gatwick airport just 30 minutes away.

In addition to this, students can select from over 1,000 classes from 9 different schools, so the range of subjects is huge.

What is living in Brighton like for international students?

Brighton and Hove is a fantastic city for an international student. There are an abundance of independent shops, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. There is also a great arts scene which incorporates theater, film, music and comedy.

The city is very vibrant and cosmopolitan and is renowned for it's inclusivity. We may be known as 'London by the sea', but we are much easier to get around than the capital, so students can easily explore the delights which are on offer.