Staff Spotlight: Kimberly Haber

Director of Programs
With a worn out passport but a very nest-y home in Seal Beach, California, she oversees Adelante Abroad, LLC. Kimberly speaks Spanish fluently, is working on Mandarin and earned a BA in Economics from UCSB. Pulling from US work experience with a professional baseball team (The Anaheim Angels) and the education franchise industry, as well as International work experience (5 years living abroad in Spain), Kimberly & crew create a network of contacts to build un-copiable programs in Spain, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile and Scotland.

What position do you hold at Adelante Abroad? What has your career path been like so far?

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Kimberly: I am the Director of Programs at Adelante Abroad, so I get to work with all our candidates once they are screened and accepted into our programs. This position also requires that I travel to each of our Program destinations at least once every 2-3 years, which is getting harder to do as we add more cities! No complaints here though: who wouldn't want to "have" to go to Madrid or Costa Rica or Scotland?! Career path seems so far away since I have been doing this now for 15 years, but a key component to landing where I am now was living and working in Spain.

I graduated UCSB and then began travelling, since I wasn't able to study abroad during college. That trip lasted about 9 months, and then I eventually went back and settled in the south of Spain, which was my favorite place visited during my original travels. I did try working in a non-international education setting for a while, doing a stint with the California Angels baseball team and after that, with franchise company, but my heart was always in things international.

What are the core principles Adelante Abroad strives to achieve?

Kimberly: Our main core principal is affordability. We want to provide a quality internship and abroad experience, without a lot of bells and whistles. For this reason, we do not send thousands of candidates abroad each year: each person will create, with us, a customized program that will change their lives in ways that simply cannot happen "at home".

What separates Adelante Abroad from other internship providers?

Kimberly: This company has always, and pretty much only, offered international internships. This wasn’t something added on to an existing program for an extra fee, or lumped in with a semester abroad program to make it sexier. We have earned the accurate title of “international internship specialists”. And as mentioned earlier, we are the most affordable program out there, and we are very proud of that. What also separates us from other providers is our long list of participating companies abroad. We work hard to cultivate that list and it benefits our intern abroad candidates directly. We find each of our candidates an internship in their desired sector, based on their field of studies, past experiences and language level. We put them in rigorous classes and find them their own room in clean, safe, centrally located housing. We have local staff that live full time in all of our program cities.

What does the future hold for Adelante Abroad?

Kimberly: Ongoing tweaking of existing programs, all of them are strong, so that the experience for our candidates is solid, and meets their goals. We want to lead the conversation in the higher education community that these kinds of experiential programs are not a luxury; rather, they should be a required component for any undergraduate / graduate degree to remain relevant.