Staff Spotlight: Susanne Bach

Dublin Resident Director


Susanne has taught Irish and German cinema modules at University College Dublin and at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Dublin program. She also teaches CAPA’s course on "Cinema in Contemporary Ireland." With over fourteen years of experience in academic administration and instruction at the collegiate level, Susanne brings with her a vast experience in student services, student welfare and curricular development and implementation. At the heart of Susanne’s work with CAPA in Dublin is a complete commitment and enthusiasm for the students to achieve their academic goals while enjoying a rich cultural experience living in Dublin.

What makes studying abroad in Ireland a unique experience for students?

Susanne: The small island of Ireland at the western edge of Europe is a most welcoming place and it will be easy to make it your home. Its capital Dublin, with a population of 1.4 million, manages to charm visitors with its small town character. Theatres, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, museums and shops are all clustered around a small city centre, which is easy to navigate.

Ireland welcomes people from all countries and walks of life. The love of language is another big feature in finding new friends and enjoying Irelands rich literary tradition. Traveling around the country, you will find that the landscape, like the accents, can change within a few miles. Ireland makes for a unique travel and study abroad experience both because of its close links with the US and also because it of its unique geographical location which makes it the perfect base from which to explore Europe.

How can students add to this experience by also partaking in an internship?

Susanne: CAPA Dublin offers the unique opportunity for our students to partake in internships. We have access to a broad spectrum of businesses across all sectors including the Creative Arts, Media, Journalism, Law etc. We also have connections with non-profit and non-governmental organizations, which enables us to cover areas such as Human Rights, Globalization and International Trends. Local staff visits each CAPA internship site and arrange unique placements in line with our students needs. Students are placed in sites within commuting distance of the center that best meet their individual interests, abilities, and academic background. Not only will the student’s course of study be enhanced by their internship experience but their understanding of Ireland and its work practice will provide them with a deeper understanding of Irish culture. The placements are augmented by an academic class, which contextualizes the learning experience and gives the student the chance to reflect and exchange with others. This again will provide them with a deeper understanding of the wider Irish work culture.

Internships offer students a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves fully into Irish life. They are not mandatory. To apply, the student can choose a 15 or 20 hour a week placement and indicating his/her preference for a specific placement area. We will require a resume highlighting relevant experience, which will enable us to carefully match the student to a suitable internship site.

What can you tell us about the culture in Ireland?

Susanne: Ireland has a relaxed pace and given that English is the first language students will easily adjust to their new home. As a European city, Dublin offers a certain American cultural influence not found in many other capital cities across Europe. The Irish are welcoming, quick to chat and generally speaking an easygoing race of people. The Irish also tend to ‘go with the flow’ which is a good attitude to have when studying here. The workplace is usually a friendly place and interns can expect to be included in social events and activities.

What are some extra-curricular activities participants enjoy while studying/interning in Dublin?

Susanne: In order to ensure a good understanding of the city, the first thing we do is provide a historical walking and bus tour of Dublin. We also offer a field trip to Belfast which enhances the students' understanding of the entire Island and its history. Month by month local staff plan events outlined on the ‘MyEducation’ calendar which offers the students a unique insight into Irish culture, landscape, politics, community and arts.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering studying/interning abroad in Dublin?

Susanne: Come with an open mind and heart. You will leave with so much more than knowledge.

Anything else you would like to share?

Susanne: Ireland can feel like home away from home. We will do everything we can to ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience and your time with us here. Studying Abroad can and will change your life and your perspective. It offers you the unique opportunity to further your education while expanding your horizons and giving you exposure to both the Irish and, if you choose, other European cultures.