Staff Member Spotlight: Olivia Volpe


What position do you hold at First Abroad? What led you to join their team?

I work as a Trip Expert with First Abroad, which means that I am here to help travelers find their best possible gap trip! I found out about First Abroad on a whim, but after hearing about their amazing trips and overall goals as a company, it seemed like the perfect match for my wanderlust spirit.

What are you most excited about, both in terms of your role and for First Abroad as a whole?

I get really excited when I can make someone's travel dreams a reality. There's a certain excitement that comes with traveling abroad and matching people with the right adventure means making that excitement a reality. I think First Abroad is going to bring gap years to Americans in a way that has never been done before. Americans are ready to take on the world and we're here to help them do it.

What makes First Abroad's program most unique and special?

The programs at First Abroad are for everyone! There's no strict application process on most of our programs because our main goal is to get people traveling abroad. Also, while we welcome anyone aged 18+, our programs are a great fit for post college aged people who aren't looking to hit corporate America quite yet, or may need a break if they already have.

If you could wake up tomorrow and go on any of First Abroad's trips tomorrow which one would you pick?

Absolute Oz, hands down. I am very happy with my position at First Abroad, but I'm one of the lucky ones. If I had a chance to go work and play in Australia for a year, I'd be crazy not to take it. Plus, we include an intro week in Sydney on this trip, which sounds like an amazing time in itself.

What advice do you have for someone who's considering their first trip abroad?

I think my best piece of advice is to always follow your gut, and pack light! By that I mean take the time to choose the destination and trip that are right for you. Putting in the work before you leave will mean you'll have that much more time for fun stuff once you're there! And as for that second bit, the lighter you pack the easier it is for you to go anywhere at a moment's notice!