Staff Spotlight: Jackline Ouko


What position do you hold at KVCDP? What led you to join their team?

I Am a Program Director and a Co-founder of KVCDP. I have the passion to work with people in the social field which involves giving direct services that brings change by empowering the less fortunate members of the Kenyan communities socially, economically, encourage and improve the quality of their lives.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I enjoy working in company of people with positive attitude who are ready to make a difference.

What makes KVCDP's programs so unique?

KVCDP implements programs addressing the issues that directly affects the communities and have direct impact on their beneficiaries including. It gives hope and new breath of life to the most desiring orphaned children in Wagusu community. The Wagusu community is responsive to KVCDP programs; no other organization goes above and beyond more than KVCDP.

All our resources are well invested in people and the community who feel ownership of the programs and project. Also, unlike other organizations, KVCDP started with humble beginnings with the people as the basis for resources. With no startup funding, we look at being sustainable in the long run. KVCDP volunteers have the power to suggest what is best for the community. A sense of ownership is felt by all involved.

What is the best story you've heard so far of a KVCDP participant's experiences abroad?

This is a story from Audrey Korenek one of the participants in 2013 in one of our community programs: "Honestly it was the best trip of my life. I can't express how comfortable and how at home I felt in Africa. The people were the most amazing part and made all of us feel so welcome. The children were the sweetest kids I have ever met. The women's group of Wagusu were the most amazing group of women I have ever seen. I hope they continue to grow and keep up all of the work and dedication. What they have done for the community is so great and has really made an impact. I wouldn't change about my trip and I really hope to come back some day. Thank you Jackline Ouko and Albert Ouko for your hospitality and for the love you showed us. What you have done for your community is beyond words. I hope God continues to bless you both and all of the people of Africa."