Staff Spotlight: Astrid Dittberner

I have been working with Intrax for almost 10 years in different programs. Currently I am coordinating the internship program for international students coming to Europe. I am also responsible for the Work Travel USA outbound program and other smaller programs. Before coming to Intrax I had done various internships abroad as part of my tourism studies and was fascinated by these experiences. Despite my enthusiasm for traveling, I love living in my hometown of Berlin and I enjoy the continuous changes in this great and vibrant city.

What makes interning abroad in Berlin a unique experience for participants?

Astrid from Intrax!

Astrid: Berlin, once separated, now reunited; once forgotten, now poor-but-sexy, place-to-be for partygoers, artists, wanna-be-artists, and people in search for alternatives in general.

Berlin is so much more than its legendary party scene. The attraction usually lingers at your very doorstep. Berlin has many a 'Kiez' (Berlin for 'neighborhood') to be discovered: From Prenzlauer Berg in the North-East, which started out as a squatted neighborhood shortly after reunification has turned into a middle-class playground for young families, via Mitte in the centre, where Berlin reveals itself as a European capital with flagship stores and fancy shopping streets, to Kreuzberg in the South, where Turkish immigrants from the 60s have become residents and are currently campaigning alongside German students against gentrification. Every Kiez has its own face, its own fascination and its own people, bars, and cafés.

Our program in Berlin allows interns to not only experience an exciting city but also become part of German work culture in an international environment. Berlin is a great destination for interns from many different academic backgrounds. Also it is a breeding ground for start-up companies and young entrepreneurs. Cost of living is quite cheap compared to other big cities and it makes Berlin even more attractive for young people interning or studying in Berlin.

What can you tell us about the workplace culture in Berlin?

Astrid: Work culture in Berlin depends greatly on the sector and the company, although in general, business attire is pretty standard for a big city. Most companies require business casual clothing, and recommend interns to bring a few formal outfits for their first day and special occasions.

It is important to remember: Punctuality is paramount in Berlin! Interns should always arrive to meetings five minutes early. The key is to simply be observant and adaptable and interns will get a feel for how things are done at their company quickly.

Is prior work experience required?

Astrid: Prior work experience is not required when applying to the program. Depending on the internship position, some prior experience may be required. Most placements are intended to give participants practical entry level work experience. Interns will work with Intrax to determine positions that meet their qualifications and interests.

What are some extra-curricular activities students enjoy while interning in Berlin? (Does Intrax provide any guided tours?)

Astrid: Intrax hosts a group cultural excursion as a part of our premium program. In past years we have taken interns to Dresden and Hamburg which are famous for their history and for their major cultural attractions. Living in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, there are countless activities that interns can do on their own in their free time; anything from beautiful parks, cafés, restaurants, clubs, music venues and nightlife, extensive shopping; there is truly never a boring day in this town. Intrax will host a group on-site orientation and Global Skills Training upon arrival. During this session interns will learn about how they can make the most of their experience and how to maximize their time in Germany.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone interning in Berlin?

Astrid: Berlin is one of the most innovative and influential cities in the world: now is the time to soak up the experience. Interns should be open to the new possibilities and never forget that having an international work experience on their resume will be a great benefit for their career and set them apart from other candidates. Observe German business practices, make new connections in the business world and enjoy one of the most exciting cities in the world.

In this globally connected world, having international experience is something that employers seek. Having this experience can set you apart from the competition and create countless opportunities.

We would be happy to speak with you in detail regarding the benefits of an internship abroad. Contact us at or 877-429-6753.