Staff Member Spotlight: Jeremy Freedman


Tell us a little about Global Nomadic and your role at the company.

Global Nomadic was founded in 2009 to help young professionals find the experience they need to further their career or find meaningful experiences.

Global Nomadic provide placements and experiences in a range of different fields, from medicine and education, to veterinary science and journalism and many more - matching you with reputable, worthwhile organisations around the world.

How did you get involved in the volunteer industry?

After having travelled widely and participated in many volunteer projects around the world, I realized I could help others find these great projects. I selected various projects to visit to ensure they are reputable, and offer what they say they do.

What makes Global Nomadic unique?

We work directly with projects all over the world, and will put you directly in contact with them. We are here to offer full pre-departure support and make sure you have everything you need from start to finish. we are on hand to help at every step of the way. We add no commission to any project, instead we ask for a placement fee to cover our costs.

How do you ensure your programs are sustainable and mutually beneficial for you, the community, and the volunteers?

We only select the best projects that we find, that are run by well-intentioned serious individuals We would not support any project which did not our strict guidelines and are not environmentally or socially beneficial.

What does the future hold for Global Nomadic?

We look to increase the number of projects we work with, travelling at least once a year to visit existing partners and find out new ones. We also wish to offer our experiences more to groups, whether from schools, universities or friends.