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The Project Fee ($1125 for the 1st month, $100 p/w) includes food (breakfast & dinner), accommodation, airport pickup, orientation, in-country support and project activities.
Apr 23, 2018
Oct 10, 2016
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Global Nomadic offers internships in Mongolia for those interested in a career in TV & print journalism. Mongolian television is looking to incorporate more Western ideas and English programming, and you can help! Global Nomadic places you in a media internship abroad in Mongolia with a Mongolian TV channel or alternatively with a national newspaper.

Mongolian television networks currently offer a variety of programming, from Mongolian-style videos to probing documentaries, yet programmers are eager to add a Western flavour to their programmes, from set designs to proper English pronunciation. At the newspaper, you will be producing content and assisting with editing.

While working in Mongolia, you will be shooting and editing videos, helping with spoken English, proof-reading scripts, and coming up with new ideas for programs and articles. This internship in Mongolia is a great career start for those interested in television production & print journalism.

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No, I don't recommend this program

False Advertising!

This internship had so much false advertising. Another intern I knew who did the TV station internship told me they hardly had him do anything--mostly just sit in the office.

I did the print journalism internship. To start with, the homestay option was nonsense. Don't count on getting one! They put me in a sordid apartment to share a room with 3 other people. As for the job description, you won't teach anybody English, they don't care about ideas to "Westernize" or proofread the content (they have their own editors who speak English), and you won't have opportunity to follow anybody into the field because the local staff is just too busy for you.

Granted, I was given a lot of freedom as to the topics I could write on. However, it was incredibly difficult to get information since so many websites were all in Mongolian, and much of the local staff just didn't care to help me.

As for the "representative" who was supposed to accommodate me, he was always very difficult to reach by phone, and totally unreliable: he never put more money on my phone card like he said he would, and it took him 3 weeks to get me my passport back (my roommate got it back from another guy in 2 days).

Furthermore, nobody gives you any guidance on speaking Mongolian (hardly anybody speaks English), and nobody gave me any suggestion on places to go or things to do in Ulaanbaatar.

In summary, it was nice to go to Mongolia, but I don't appreciate at all the lies that Global Nomadic put on its website, nor the horrid service I received after arriving.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Away to Mongolia for a month

I don’t think travelling to a country on the other side of the planet has ever gone so smoothly. At this moment I would say that Global Nomadic was a great organization for making the process so simple and clear cut.
The month itself went by quickly and adventurously. I became friends with a lovely girl and her family who offered me a room for the month. I taught the girl English in the evenings.
My work in the TV station was very fun. I would research for some stories and write them down. Then we filmed some shots, edited them and they were shown on Mongolian TV. I almost got an interview with the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar as I was writing a story about the changes in traffic.
While I was not being a journalism intern I tried to see as much nature as I could. The highlight of my spare time was riding a horse in the valleys on a warm autumn day. The sky was clear and it was so quiet. I sat on the horse and looked at the vast landscape that was surrounding me and I felt as if I rode back in time. Afterwards we were given some Mongolian food in a little ger. The best Mongolian food was a meat pancake called Horshur, I absolutely loved it. I also went hiking to a hilltop, which was a two hour journey through snow. Somehow the landscapes always felt magical. I have traveled to many other countries but Mongolia had a certain amount of ‘out of this world’ feel to it.
In conclusion the month was a beautiful experience. From the smooth planning to a relaxing stay, it was an experience to remember for a lifetime!

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