Staff Spotlight: Suzy Lewis


Tell us a little about yourself. What position do you hold there?

I'm one of the teacher trainers at TEFL International Prague, and although I do give occasional input sessions, my main role is that of conducting observations. I work with the trainees before every teaching session to answer any questions they have about their lesson plans, or to guide them with their lesson plans for example re staging or choice of materials.

It's a very relaxed open session and always aimed at getting the best out of the teaching experience. I then observe the lessons, and give feedback directly afterwards. The main focus during feedback is always to be constructive, to facilitate development and reflection. It's purpose is never to be critical. The aim of this course is to guide and develop the potential each trainee has to become an excellent teacher.

I've been teaching English since 2001, and am DELTA qualified with an MA in Applied Linguistics. I've been involved in teacher training since 2008.

What makes Prague a unique destination to obtain TEFL Certification?

TEFL International Prague shares premises and staff with Threshold language school. The set up is very unique in that it has a very pleasant family feel about it. The tutors and staff are very present and involved in the whole experience, and there is always lot of support available, something which isn't always felt in other larger institutions.

The school has a large library with all the resources you could need, and access to all IT facilities. Trainees also get experience with Young Learners (YL) which is not common in TEFL courses. Teaching YLs is one of the biggest sectors of the industry nowadays, so this experience is invaluable regarding future job searches.

What are some extracurricular activities students participate in during this course? (Does your training centre offer any guided tours?)

Students are greeted with a welcome breakfast as they settle into the first day of the course. In their first week they are taken for dinner with all teachers and other members of staff for a friendly relaxed evening, and it's an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better, as well as being able to ask for any advice about life and teaching in Prague.

Our course co-ordinator Jana is in charge of social programme which we tailor make according to the preferences of each group. Lots of extra information about where to go for weekend trips is available at the school, and the course ends with a party, again for all trainees, teachers and staff.

Do students generally stay in Prague to teach after completing this course? (How does this course help students teach abroad? What are some other popular destinations?)

Many students stay on and teach in Prague once the course has finished. Prague is a very popular destination for TEFL teachers as there are many schools to work for aside from a Threshold, and the city itself has a beauty that most get drawn to for a good few years. Others come with an idea of getting to know Prague during the course and starting their new careers in another destination.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering obtaining TEFL Certification in Prague?

If you want to learn how to become a TEFL teacher in a friendly supportive environment, with highly experience trainers, then TEFL International Prague is for you.

We are here to teach and guide you as you embark upon a new learning curve - the most important quality for you to bring to the course is just a willingness to learn, reflect, and develop!