Staff Spotlight: Emma Nherera

Online Marketing Intern, That's Mandarin
Emma Nherera is the Online Marketing Intern at That's Mandarin. Emma is half Zimbabwean and half Scottish. She came to China to pursue a Masters in New Media & Technology at Communications University of China in Beijing.

woman hiking in the mountains

Did YOU study abroad?! If so, where and what inspired you to go?

Emma: I am currently studying in Beijing, China at Communications University of China. I am doing a Masters Degree in New Media. I always wanted to visit China and so when I heard there was a Masters program taught in English I jumped at the opportunity.

I am also doing an internship at That’s Mandarin Chinese School. I am someone who enjoys travel. I have been to many countries around the world, but never Asia. My father had visited Beijing a couple of years ago and recommended it as a place to visit.

What does the future hold for That's Mandarin - any exciting new programs to share?

Emma: Every year That's Mandarin has an exciting Summer Camp program that they run from June-August. This program gives kids aged 7-17 an opportunity to visit China, learn Mandarin and go on excursions around Beijing or Shanghai.

I think this program is great as it exposes children to new cultures and languages. In this globalised world it is important for children to have a greater understanding of the world from an early age. The Summer Camp program is a great way to immerse children in the Chinese language and culture in a fun and educational way.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Emma: I think one of the biggest factors is understanding your market and also being able to communicate with them on different levels. In this technological age, companies need to keep up to date with the latest communication tools.

Marketing strategies need to involve both above and below the line communication. A company that truly understands what they customers want and are able to offer it to them in the most efficient and cost effective manner, will definitely succeed in the future.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Emma: Working at That's Mandarin has really helped me learn a lot about Chinese language and culture. When I first started my internship I did not speak any Chinese.

However, thanks to the 1 on 1 language classes I'm taking at the school, my Mandarin is improving every day! I am now able to order food at restaurants, get around Beijing and have short conversations. I have enjoyed the teaching style as it is story-based and you learn vocabulary you will use in your everyday life.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

Emma: I think what sets That’s Mandarin apart from other language schools are the teachers. Every teacher is a full-time employee and come from a wide variety of disciplines. They really have such friendly and lively personalities and this shows in their teaching methods.

Classes are always fun and interactive as opposed to a typical language class. They ensure classes are taught that fit each student’s language level and are always encouraging and supportive in the learning process.