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Online Course Pricing Starts From USD 20 – USD 35 Per Class.
Dec 13, 2021
Jun 15, 2022
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Learn Chinese online anytime, anywhere you want with an online Chinese tutor. Experience the same quality Mandarin Chinese lessons we offer at our schools.

Our Online lessons are conducted on a One-on-One basis, where our Shanghai-based teachers create a tailor-made curriculum based on the aspects of Chinese language and culture that meet your learning goals.

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  • No Skype - We have our own software that works with your browser when you log-in to our website. Simple!
  • Free Platform - Sign up for an account and get a free access to our online courses and rich multimedia features. No more notes!
  • Book a Class - Once you’ve created an account, you can book and take lessons with our teachers. Your first class is free. No Risk!
  • Top Quality Teachers - All our teachers hold a university degree and go through a specialised training program, before they can teach with us. Learn Smart!

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9.52 Rating
based on 23 reviews
  • 9-10 rating 95.65%
  • 7-8 rating 4.35%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
  • 3-4 rating 0%
  • 1-2 rating 0%
  • Instruction 9
  • Support 9
  • Fun 8.5
  • Housing 8
  • Value 9
  • Content 9.8
  • Engagement 9.8
  • Support 9.9
  • Platform 9.2
  • Value 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic Learning Experience。很好

I am really enjoying my weekly Mandarin classes with Zhong laoshi. I feel that, under her tutorship, my Chinese vocabulary and pronunciation has improved significantly in the past few months. She’s so friendly, patient and encouraging. Laoshi has made the classes lots of fun and at the same time, educational. I think the scenario based learning really works well with adult learners. I am definitely achieving my learning objective and looking forward to continuing to build on my Mandarin speaking, reading and writing skills.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Xin Laoshi review

It is the first time that I am motivated by a Chinese school to learn Chinese. It is not always easy, I am not good at learning language, but my teachers are very patient with me. I really appreciate!

It is also nice that the classes are maintained despite the lockdown. It is not nice as a physical class, but the platform Nihao cafe allows me to do exercises online.

Another point, My teachers are really flexible. I very often send my homework late the day before I have my class, but my teachers always reply and correct me right away.

  • Teachers are patient
  • The school in general makes me motivated
  • Class are also maintained despite the lockdown
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Yes, I recommend this program

That's Mandarin Recommendation (张一鸣 & 梅晗)

My overall experience with That's Mandarin has been great. Both 梅晗老师 & 张一鸣老师 were so helpful and really helped my Chinese level advance in such a short time. The attention to detail and care they both have towards their student's progress is second to none; something that makes the experience even greater. Aside from the teaching, the website is simple to use and sleek; the post-class review section is easy to navigate and makes the studying experience better. I'd highly recommend taking lessons with That's Mandarin, amazing service and great people to meet!

  • 1-on-1 tuition
  • Engaging lessons
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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommended

I have taken lessons with That’s Mandarin for 3 years and have found the teachers of consistent high quality though the years. All my teachers are very good. They are not only very professional, but also very patient. They always patiently explain to me every problem I encounter in class. In addition, they will type all the useful contents on their own developed system in class. After class, I can review them by myself through the platform.
In addition, their other employees are also very good. Every time they meet them at school, they will say hello to me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best way to study Chinese in person or online

I've known the program for few years. Me and my daughters started in person classes few years ago while in China and that was a great immersive experience. We went back three times for a summer class prior to the pandemic. Since then That's Mandarin have improved tremendously their platform and methods of educating students remotely and they developed their online platform. The platform is superior to many existing ones and provide the opportunity to enjoy live classes with a teacher, have a personalized content, retain all the class notes and exercises, provide video streaming and extra materials, etc. I am really happy with the experience we have and would recommend this school to everyone that really wants to immerse in Chinese. The teachers are very nice and extremely supportive, oriented to help you learn. The program follows the student pace and is not tied to a particular study book, it could be diversified based on the students interests and learning pace. This is one of the best learning experiences I've had. We currently still continue with That's Mandaring and would love to go back to visit and have in person classes soon.

  • Very personalized program
  • Very good study platform
  • Extremely supportive teachers
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program


I really like the school,the teacher and the materials we use in the class , such as the videos and audios.
the website access to student is great, we can review the lessons we have previously studied.The facilities in the building are great, we can enjoy a coffee break in between classes!That’s Mandarin has done wonders for me and my ability in the Chinese language — not only in terms of my raw ability, but for my confidence and willingness to speak the language and use it in my everyday life. The customizable curriculum has helped me and my tutor to hone in on areas that will benefit me most, and has allowed me to delve into vocabulary that suits my interests and career. The staff are helpful and friendly, and the teachers know just how to spark my interest and motivation. Not to mention, the school’s excellent central location in Beijing! I would heartily recommend That’s Mandarin to anyone considering. You will thank yourself later!I can only recommend That's Mandarin school and its teachers to those stuck in lockdown, homeschooling or needing additional assistance.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teachers 庞 is a knowledgeable teacher.

Teacher 庞 is not only an knowledgeable teacher but also friendly and concerned about the student learning process.
The NihaoCafe is a good and useful feature in the language learning process. I am new at the school but I hope soon be able to know more about the NihaoCafe features and probably able to download the conversations to practice more.
I also think that Lesson Book is a good feature that should be included when join a course lasting several weeks. I think it should be less fancy in order to be more affordable and easy to carry .

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Yes, I recommend this program

Clear and helpful teaching style + great learning resources

I've had Mandarin lessons with some independent teachers and a few institutions while in China, but my experience at That's Mandarin stands out as being particularly excellent.

My teachers were very patient and thorough. They were constantly attentive to my needs and progress, and made sure I was comfortable asking for clarification, asking them to repeat something, etc. I was also free to ask about miscellaneous things that interested me that didn't necessarily stick with the lesson plan -- I would be given a satisfying explanation and could walk away with some extra vocabulary or a clearer understanding of some grammar issue that was bothering me. For students who engage better with the material when they can participate more actively in the lesson, this style of teaching should be perfect.

That's Mandarin also provides access to their online resource NihaoCafe, which seems well-designed and well-built. Teachers use it to take notes on what was discussed during class, and students can access those same notes again at any time. I found it an excellent way to reinforce the material I learned during class. There are also some pre-built quizzes you can take, which are also helpful for retaining the lesson material.

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