Staff Member Spotlight: Reverend Laud K Akuffo

The Anidaso Nsae Foundation Executive Director


Tell us a little about The Anidaso Nsae Foundation and your role at the company.

The Anidaso Nsae Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that gives free education and health care to orphans and needy children in Ghana. We also receive and host volunteers who wish to share their love and experience with us.

I am the Executive Director and run all programs and all the necessary rounds which need to be done to make sure the projects are running well. At the same time I bring improvement to the foundation by coming up with new ideas to make things run more effectively to help those in need.

What makes The Anidaso Nsae Foundation unique?

We are a registered, not for profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is fully focused on improving the lives of those in deprived communities. Your contributions are directly involved in our combined efforts to help the people that are really affected. Through this volunteers and interns gain first hand experience of the real issues facing the development of Ghana. Your work is well recognized and appreciated by the chiefs, local leaders, and members of the communities we serve.

We are a Ghanaian run organization. We have friendly local Ghanaian staff who know our beloved country inside and out. We also know exactly how to help volunteers and interns arrive from overseas and orientate them with the local cultures and customs. We are looking forward to immersing you in our homeland, teaching you our local language, taking you to meet members of the community, and show you some of our favorite places to travel within Ghana. We will also always be available for any queries or problems that may arise and know directly how to assist you.

In your experience, what characteristics make a good international volunteer?

He/she must always focus on the main purpose of he come to Ghana, and always make sure there is an improvement in his project. This means coming up with ideas that will make his time very unique during his stay, making sure to put down some good history before living the country, being in touch from home regularly to see how his/her time has become profitable.

What does the future hold for The Anidaso Nsae Foundation?

The Anidaso Nsae Foundation is looking forward to building their own school for the deprived communities, because there are many children we are sponsoring who are supposed to be at school by now but due to lack of finance they are not. With our own school and teacher, all the children will be in school without any time wasting at all.