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We work in Ghana to provide impoverished, orphaned and street children with Health Care and Education.

We need volunteers to help with teaching in one of our partner schools (any subject of your preferred choice), helping in local hospitals (i.e. during child delivery in the Maternity Unit), holding HIV/Aids awareness talks etc. These are only a few examples of the things you could be doing here in Ghana and we are willing to accommodate you with any skills you may have. If you have an idea in which area you would like to volunteer you can also let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Well-orginized, flexible NGO with meaningful impact on its community

I had researched many volunteer programs in Ghana before I decided on TANF. TANF gives volunteers the opportunity to teach any of the subjects taught in its partner schools, so I was able to teach ICT and math, both of which I am very interested in. I loved teaching ICT because most of the students have never used a computer, so they were very excited when they were able to demonstrate their new skills on mine!

I also taught English and helped the school and organization with various administrative and technical items. I love that I was able to help wherever I saw a need, such as with the website, volunteer handbook, and drafting of documents for the organization. Other volunteers have also developed projects where needs have existed, such as health related workshops and seminars.

TANF is a small NGO that has a BIG impact on its community. The staff provides sponsorship to extremely needy or orphaned students for school and healthcare, and partners with various schools to place volunteers. They have plans to open a school, which is currently in the planning stage. Once the school is opened I am sure that the organization will have an even bigger impact on the community. They also pair volunteers with local hospitals and clinics for those interested in healthcare.

I stayed in a homestay during my time, which was so wonderful! The family that hosted me will always hold a special place in my heart. The staff and family were always very accommodating to my needs. Additionally, staff and my host family were always very helpful when I planned my weekend travels. They are very knowledgeable locals that gave me better advice than I could've gotten from a guidebook or the internet. Occasionally, they were even able to provide part of the transportation for my weekend travels.

I also liked that TANF lets volunteers pick their start and end dates. This worked well for me since I came right after Christmas and left right before my school semester began. I was able to experience a Ghanaian New Years, which was amazing!

Since the organization is quite small, they are extremely flexible and willing to accommodate various needs or ideas. I would especially recommend this program to volunteers looking for a program they can make a large impact in or those who have a specific vision or interest! Volunteers can help wherever they see a need, so the opportunities to help are endless.

The low-cost of TANF was another factor in my decision. The cost is so minimal compared to other organizations I researched, and I felt as if it was worth every penny, which was used for my housing, food, and transportation.

What would you improve about this program?
Since the organization is quite small and not advertized through any large booking agencies there are not always many other volunteers to socialize with, although the staff and my host family were very social and friendly!