Staff Spotlight: Samy Avilés

Samy Avilés was born in Ecuador, she is head of the Marketing department of Pachamama Universal. More than three years ago she left her conventional life in the city and went for an adventure, living life in a community, bringing back indigenous wisdom for the use of social work. She is passionate about creating a place that can help to have a better planet. She fell in love with the Pachamama Universal Project.

Meet Samy!

What is one thing you would tell any future volunteer?

Samy: The best way to know life is to throw yourself in to an adventure and have experience helping others and learning from them. That is the best school for life because it allows you to experiment with the most elevated feelings of being a human being. Those experiences that you get are the best teachings that no conventional school can give you.

Do your volunteers require certain qualifications or go through a training process?

Samy: We try to make it simple and fun! You can be a city person that has never been working in the countryside or someone who has already experience working with the land. We welcome to our programs to everyone, the process is easy to follow, and in no time you will learn the basics and apply it in the field.

What position do you hold at Pachamama Universal and why do you like working there?

Samy: I am in charge of Marketing, especially in the online area. I love the internet and nature. I think technology is one of the best ways to communicate, contribute and create big projects. Marketing is a tool that can be used in more than a thousand ways. I decided to use it to awaken consciousness. I want to help create a better world. I want to invite people to live a natural life because I believe that's what the world needs. I love what I do!

How does your organization differ from other ones in the industry?

Samy: We don't just work with land, we practice indigenous wisdom in our lifestyle. We practice ecology as much as we can and we have a deep respect to everything. We are not just an eco-friendly community, we use the guidelines of our ancestors to have a natural life. We want to change the mindsets about our surroundings because everything is alive. We don't see ecology as an activity but as a way of life, that's the vision we want to share with the world.