Office Dog

United States of America


Job Description

Berkeley-based startup, Go Overseas, is looking for an office dog to join it’s team. You’ll be responsible for improving human morale and keeping the office floor crumb-less.

  • Welcomes, enthusiastically, his/her teammates when they arrive in the morning (and any other time they walk in the door)
  • Diffuses stressful meetings by providing kisses
  • Occasional presence required on video calls
  • Cleans food messes quickly and efficiently
  • Keeps team on a tight leash
  • Smells OK
  • Sits, stays
  • Basic knowledge of Roll Over, Fetch and Shake
  • Tolerates occasional festive costumes
  • No barking or whining (also applies to humans)
  • 1+ year experience in similar role
  • Photogenic
  • Cuddler
  • Retrieves office slippers on command
  • BA/BS or equivalent pedigree
  • Treats dependent on experience and skills
  • 2 walks per day
  • 12 new best friends
How to apply

Submit your best office dog meme to Top applicants will be required to participate in week-long in-office interview.