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Go Overseas was started with the simple idea of creating a centralized website to provide the resources required for meaningful travel abroad. That idea has grown and expanded into what you see here, a community driven website of like minded people who are all passionate about teaching, studying and volunteering abroad.

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Questions Post Date
Do you have to have a teachers license or a bachelors degree? 01/23/2019
I will be in BA for a week starting 7/28. It's short notice but I am looking for a volunteer opportunity. Suggestions? 08/15/2018
Do you guys offer law internships? 08/15/2018
What does a typical day of the program look like? 08/15/2018
What sports are included in the camp? 08/15/2018
What does the typical day look like? 08/15/2018
How long were the classes? Did they actually last 2.5 hours? 08/15/2018
What are the admission requirements? 08/15/2018
Does anyone know if this qualification is recognized in Germany? 08/15/2018
What were the hours worked? And what days of the week? 08/15/2018
Are interns paid? 08/15/2018
What if I have absolutely no experience in teaching? Am I still eligible to volunteer? 08/15/2018
How old do you have to be to do this by yourself? 08/06/2018
How skilled do you have to be in skiing/snowboarding going into this course? 08/06/2018
Is there any scholarship for foreign linguistic lecturers? 08/06/2018
Is the security of foreign participants guaranteed in Palestine? 08/06/2018
What salary or wages does an au pair make? 08/06/2018
Is a non-native (but quasi- native) speaker of English eligible for the teaching position? 08/06/2018
Did you get the chance to be immersed in the Japanese language? 08/06/2018
Do I have to be a native English speaker in order to be able to participate in this project? 08/06/2018
Do you get your meals and housing paid for 08/06/2018
Do you need a bachelors degree for visa sponsorship ? 08/06/2018
Hi! I am mexican with a tefl, toefl and some online teaching skills for china based company. Can I be elegible? 08/06/2018
Can I apply although I am from Croatia? 08/06/2018
How much extra money do you need for things not covered? 08/06/2018