Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months 6-12 Months
Agricultural Working Holiday


Job Qualifications

  • Upper intermediate horse experience both on the ground and riding
  • Must be aged between 18-30/35 and be eligible for a working holiday visa 462 (USA) or 417 (Canada, UK, Europe)

Job Benefits

  • Competitive wage and accommodation included, use of car, one hour from Sydney.

Company Description

We are a 120-acre farm located in Wilberforce NSW, an hour from Sydney. We usually have around 100-130 Thoroughbred racehorses on the farm. We offer spelling, breaking-in, rehabilitation and pre-training.

Job Description

To begin with your job is primarily feeding, watering and mucking out, and passing on any things of note to your managers via our WhatsApp group message. As you become more familiar with the environment and the horses your tasks will increase with more detail and responsibility. There are also some nice retired horses to ride in your free time if you are keen. It is hard work, but there is a lot to learn if you are interested! We all love what we do, and that’s what's most important.

The hours and workdays are as follows: 5 days a week, with a day and a half off during the week (for example Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday, plus 1 afternoon off rotating Saturday / Sunday afternoon each week (the roster is out 2 weeks in advance). Monday to Saturday the normal morning and afternoon shifts are 6:30am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-4:30pm. Sunday we start at 7:00am. Morning start times are always the same but finish times and afternoon start times can vary a little from day to day.

Pay Rates
The current hourly rate is $23.23 per hour (minimum 38 hours at $23.23 then next 3 hours are paid at $34.84 and Sundays / Public holidays / over 41 hours worked are paid at $46.46 per hour). The average hours are between 40 and 44 hours. This is the award wage for a full-time stable hand, The gross (before tax) wages per week for 38 hours ordinary time is $882.74 plus overtime rates – less rent (if applicable) deducted from your pay. We are committed to nurturing people who want to be in the industry and learn, therefore we implement a wage increase to above award after 3 months continuous employment. This is a FULL-TIME position accruing annual / sick leave. You will also be paid 10.5% superannuation on top into your nominated fund. Wages are paid into your account each Thursday for the prior period Thursday to Wednesday work week. Probationary period is 6 MONTHS from commencement of employment. As you will be in training for the first full pay week (7 days), we pay 80% of your rate for those training days. (at time of posting in Australian Dollars).