Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months
Non Profit
Advertising Communications Marketing

Job Description

SAVE started in 2006 when the need was identified to assist in the local impoverished communities. Many communities, preschools and schools were unable to provide effective programs due to lack of funding, resources and skill levels. With the assistance of volunteers, these shortcomings were addressed and SAVE slowly grew into a large organisation that now provides assistance to several communities in 5 countries across Africa. We now also offer several wildlife conservation projects including pre-vet, White shark and Wild cats.
Our flagship projects in Cape Town have grown exponentially and we now run 10 highly successful projects where these challenges are being addressed on a daily basis. We have a strong belief in cross cultural exchange, personal development and experiential education to create a cultural accepting and worldly generation through Internships, volunteering and travel.
Ted-Ed Clubs are clubs which encourage youth to stand up and have their voices heard. It offers youth a chance to explore topics they’re passionate about, to convert their thoughts into a speech and to then perform it to an audience. Club members are provided with materials, tailored to each student’s individual needs, as well as the advice and mentoring they need. The skills and course material covered during the club cycle is not covered in schools and students who do not go to school do not receive any training in these skills. Public speaking, interviewing skills and english comprehension are all important skills needed to succeed in the working world. So by teaching these to students through fun and interesting ways, Ted-Ed Clubs are allowing students to further succeed into the working world.
24 hour support and supervisor online
Donation to the NPO to assist with projects
Certificate of appreciation
Application Form
Copy of identity document
2 Written References
Letter of Motivation
Police Clearance
Copy of return flight itinerary
18 Years and Older
Reference letter from Educational Institution
Intermediate Level of Competency in English
Basic Understand of editing software(Canva)
Basic Understanding of social media platforms and associated apps
Perform well under pressure
Have strong leadership skills
Independent, initiative taking and pro-active people preferred
Host Virtual Ted-Ed Clubs
Conduct weekly virtual Ted-Ed check-ins with club leader
Fundraising for Ted-Ed Clubs
Develop and grow virtual Ted-Ed Clubs
Work outside of a traditional office environment and in your comfort zone
Learn all about remote working apps (keep your tasks listed and updated)
Work closely with the staff and discover the world of SAVE