Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months


Job Description

Raleigh Expedition is an international volunteering program open to all and engaging young people from around the world. Expedition is delivered by the youth-driven development charity, Raleigh International.

We believe young people everywhere can change the world. So, we empower young people (aged 17-24) with the skills, experience and connections to be leaders of change.

Nepal is the second poorest country in Asia with nearly one quarter of the population living below the poverty line. In 2015 the country was devastated by a devastating earthquake. Nepal's rural areas were most affected and much of the vital infrastructure was destroyed. On Expedition in Nepal you will support young people to drive change for their communities. You'll work with local people suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake to improve their access to water and sanitation facilities.

Expeditions in Nepal run for 5, 7 and 10 weeks throughout the year, so you can join during your gap year.

Work with local people still suffering from the 2015 earthquake to improve their access to water and sanitation facilities on the Community project.
Work with Nepali youth to help create a more inclusive society.
Stay with local families in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Contribute to achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).
Take part in an exciting Adventure Leadership Trek through the spectacular Ruby Valley climbing up to 2,500m and pass through rural mountain villages.

We’re holding development projects to account using technology, developing the skills to run behaviour change campaigns and reducing the impact of climate change on communities most at risk. Youth-driven change is getting things done!

Nearly 2,000 amazing young people from across the world led Raleigh International’s work in 2018 across five countries, impacting the lives of over 40,000.

But that’s only part of the story. Young people are continuing to take action in their own communities, from creating sustainable start-ups, to challenging gender inequality and calling for action on the climate emergency and human rights.

If we are going to finally defeat poverty and injustice, find sustainable ways to protect our planet and achieve the Global Goals, young people must be the ones taking the lead and driving the solutions. Read our impact report at:


  • Postive attitude
  • Open mind
  • You will need a basic level of English so you can follow health and safety instructions
  • We ask volunteers to share our belief in young people’s ability to create change
  • Motivated
  • Happy to work in a team


Voluntary position.