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Make your summer happen. Apply for a Raleigh Expedition.
This summer you could be working to bring clean water to a rural village in Nicaragua, building school toilets in Tanzania, protecting the rainforest in Borneo, building handwashing stations in Nepal and taking part in an adrenaline-fuelled trek through stunning landscapes.

Raleigh Expedition is a unique opportunity to work on remote community and environmental projects and face adventure challenges in some of the most incredible areas of the world.

At Raleigh International, we empower young people and communities to drive lasting positive change. We are committed to building a future that's sustainable, and we believe that the best way to achieve this is to harness the power and energy of youth.

We have over 30 years' experience of working with young people. Our programmes are structured and supportive, and we take our volunteers' safety extremely seriously. Our expeditions are a chance for young people to gain valuable life-skills such as teamwork and leadership, to broaden their outlook and experience new parts of the world and to meet fellow volunteers from across the globe.

Raleigh's history of volunteering dates back to members of the British royal family, and to date we have inspired over 40 000 volunteers to make their impact in the world.

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29 years old
London South Bank University

Life changing experience


I went on a 10 week expedition to Nicaragua and Costa Rica in 2011. I loved being able to work on 3 different types of projects in two countries whilst working with community members to make worthwhile impact. The trek was incredible (a mixture of fun and challenge) and let us see parts of the country many other visitors wouldn't get the chance to. I've also made some life long friends from around the world.

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24 years old
United Kingdom
University of Oxford

Personal development and charity work


Fantastic experience meeting new people from all over the world, especially the locals, and learning about their cultures. Made loads of new friends and learned a lot about myself - it is important to note that Raleigh's main goal is youth development. The work you do in the host countries is obviously of huge benefit but there is always a big focus of personal development (leadership, teamwork etc). I wasnt aware of this before I went, but it was really useful and absolutely doesn't stop you having a great time! Some of the best 3 months of my life!


Raleigh Internatal Borneo


Awesome time was spent working on wash (water and sanitation), youth development and environment projects for a renowned company in a wonderful location. There is a big emphasis on teamwork and youth development and the support provided by the Raleigh fieldbase staff was great. It was such a good opportunity to spend an extended period of time in an incredibly diverse environment and play a part in making a lasting change to the projects and communities.

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Better development feedback for volunteer managers.

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38 years old
London, UK
University College London

The most amazing experience of my life!


What can i say? 15 years on, my Raleigh expedition is still a defining part of my life. I made some firm and lifelong friends, but meeting so many people from diverse backgrounds also really helped to develop the networking and interpersonal skills that I rely on in my subsequent career (as a lawyer).

The experience of living and contributing to a community so very different to mine rocked my world. I'll never forget my Nicaraguan "family", receiving piles of ripe mangoes for an English lesson well delivered, the experience of pulling water from the well to "shower" in the open air under a hail of twigs from cheeky boys in the trees above, nor watching the sun rise over the steaming rainforest from the verandah of the village chief's house after 10 exhausting days of trekking through paths few other non-indigenous feet had trodden.

Raleigh taught me the power of my own self -belief - and awoke a thirst for new travels and experiences that has stayed with me. I recommend it to you without hesitation!

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It is great!

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35 years old
United States
University of Miami

Amazing Adventure


I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer in Malaysia Borneo as Raleigh International's staff photographer. It was such an exciting adventure I couldn't be happier for going. You get to work on sustainable development in the rainforest, a place most of the world will never get the opportunity to experience. You get to live in the jungle, learn about yourself, make differences in communities, and make life long friends with people from all over the world.

Working with communities, not for them, is such an amazing experience. You learn about a culture you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to learn about. The communities accept you into their homes and make you a part of their families. You learn about sustainable development and change your life for the better as you're helping to better the lives of others.

Raleigh teaches you what you are capable of accomplishing and you come out a stronger, more confident individual who will go on to greater things. I would encourage everyone to participate in a Raleigh program.

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