Learn German in the 8 Most Popular Cities in Germany

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German, a language with a bright future ahead. Not only because of the magnificent outgrowing economy of Germany, but also because behind this apparently challenging language lies the culture, traditions, and history of such a beautiful country as Germany. Its diverse architecture, from Gothic to Baroque, the loyalty of its inhabitants (once you make a German friend, you have them forever!), their popular festivities and traditions (such as Carnival in Cologne or Oktoberfest in Munich) and their classic and modern gastronomy will be the delight of those looking to learn the language of some of the most popular artists and thinkers of the contemporary world.

With TANDEM International, you can learn German in Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Hamburg or Munich. Regular courses, intensive courses or specialized courses to make the most of your stay in Germany.

Meet friends from all over the world with the original TANDEM Language Exchange ®.

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