Brazil's economic hub, São Paulo, isn't always on the top of Portuguese learners lists when trying to decide where in Brazil to learn Portuguese. However, it makes a lot of sense if you're looking to couple your courses with an internship, or want to learn Portuguese to get a leg up in a career in international business.

Are you still trying to figure out if São Paulo is the best place in Brazil for you to head off to to learn Portuguese? Then read on...

University courses

Taking language courses at a university works best for learners currently enrolled in a college or university, since many universities can place their students in institutions overseas. Universities that are popular amongst students are São Paulo University and Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado.


A homestay is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the Portuguese language. This allows you to learn the language while living with a host family and while taking courses at the same time; usually the program provides the courses for you. Some programs also offer a combination of living and teaching homestays to keep the costs low, as well.

Language study & volunteer combination programs

In addition to language learning, many programs also offer volunteer opportunities for participants. Not only will you learn the language through the classroom, but also you’ll be able to directly apply it when volunteering! It will be a true immersion experience.

Living in São Paulo isn't cheap, but it's relatively affordable -- especially compared to Rio.

If you're staying long term, rent per month in a one bedroom apartment ranges from 1,200R$ (Brazilian real) to 1,700R$. Milk is 3R$, a dozen eggs are 4R$, and bread is also 4R$. Local transportation is typical for any city, however, taking the Metro costs around 3R$ per ticket, and taxis start at around 4.20R$.


If you're a student in the United States, you may qualify for the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships Program, sponsored by the US Department of Education.

Also worth looking into is the Critical Language Scholarship Program, which focuses on intensive language study over the summer.

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Portuguese Language Programs in Sao Paulo

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Ailola Latino
Ailola Latino: Study Portuguese in São Paulo

Our school is located in the neighborhood with many restaurants, parks...

IPSA - International Partners for Study Abroad
IPSA: Learn Portuguese

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Apple Language Courses
Apple Language Courses: Learn Portuguese

Our school is located in the beautiful city of São Paulo, which will...

Learn Portuguese in the biggest city of South America!

What if you could (re)discover Sao Paulo? There’s a proverb which says...

Study for the Celpe-Bras exam

CELPE-BRAS prep Developed by the Ministry of Education, a Certificate...

International Travel and Study Institute
Learn Portuguese in Sao Paulo, Brazil with ITSI

Portuguese Lessons in Brazil! Sao Paulo is perfect for urban explorers...

Fast Forward Language Institute
Fast Forward Language: Portuguese in São Paulo

We specialize in Portuguese language learning in four areas: general...

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