Fittingly dubbed the ‘Island of Enchantment’, Puerto Rico is straight out of a Caribbean daydream. Girded by endless beaches, coral reefs, and the acclaimed Isla Desecheo, travelers are offered an unparalleled opportunity to learn Spanish deep in the heart of the tropics!

Whether you’re canoeing across the Lagos Dos Bocas, getting your fix in one of San Pedro’s renown coffee farms, or snorkeling in San Juan, this fulcrum of language, culture and cuisine is sure to spice up your linguistic experience!

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University courses

University based language and cultural immersion courses offer travelers the most structured linguistics program, combining classroom instruction and group excursions with vital home-stay experiences.

Though an intermediate level of Spanish is often required, travelers are afforded the opportunity to gain academic credit and work alongside their peers. Students are advised to contact their home institution for inquiries regarding financial assistance.

Group programs

Independent language institutions, though oft more expensive than their university based counterparts, afford students across all linguistic levels the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program. From long-stay intensive programs to certification courses, travelers may undertake specialized classes dependent on their individual language goals.

Private tutoring

Private tuition offers the most flexibility to travelers looking to combine education with fun, with classes offered alongside (or independent of) additional studies. Unlike its continental counterparts, private tuition in Puerto Rico won’t break the bank, costing as little as $15 USD per hour!

San Juan

The second-oldest European-founded settlement in the Americas, San Juan offers an effortless dichotomy of historical authenticity and modern energy. Behind its timeworn facade the Caribbean daydream comes to life, with chic cafés, coffee farms and panoramic architecture lining the coast.

For travelers looking for a salsero’s fix, The Latin Roots offers free salsa lessons from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily and live bands every night!


Teaming magnificent coastal strips with a budding urban sprawl, Luquillo isn’t your typical town! Boasting the volatile La Pared surf break and Playa Luquillo -- the commonwealth’s finest balneario (public beach) -- it’s of no surprise the city has been dubbed “the proverbial home” of Puerto Rican culture!


  • Did you know: More than 70 per cent of Rum sold in the United States comes from Puerto Rico!
  • School’s out, let’s have some fun: Make sure to taste some of the local delicacies in Old San Juan -- from lechon and mofongo, to exotic tropical fruit and rum, there’s something for everyone in Puerto Rico! "A fuego" – or, “on fire.” It’s translation? That sounds cool!


There are no passports or visas necessary for United States citizens, however, citizens of other countries are bound to the same requirements as for entering the USA. A 90-day "visitor" visa is available, although students traveling for cultural exchange purposes, such as university study or temporary work, must apply for specialized visas (either an M-1 or F-1 class).

Cultural Immersion

From the El Dia de San Juan Bautistata festival to Danza Week, travelers are never short an opportunity to immerse themselves in Puerto Rican culture! Why not try one of San Juan’s acclaimed Salsa sessions, or head over to Luquillo for a bite of mofongo (fried plantains and pork cracklings)?

Financial Costs

A far cry from Caribbean bargain-basement destinations, Puerto Rico is nonetheless a pragmatic destination for the money conscious traveler. Although metropolitan regions will inexorably run higher than their regional counterparts, language programs are offered in abundance. Consider your costs and language goals before departure.

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