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Why choose Actilangue School Nice?

Actilangue was established in 1977 by Paul Ceccaldi, the Executive Director. He is responsible for all aspects of the program, and is on hand to assist and advise students. Mélissa Spadaro is the Director of Studies. The school building is located in the heart of Nice, near the Hotel Negresco. The beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais are only a two minute walk away.

The Actilangue language courses are conducted solely in French by experienced instructors. All teachers are University graduates and have post-graduate qualifications and experience in teaching French as a foreign language. Most also have other areas of expertise (literature, art, history, etc.). In addition to their academic credentials, teachers are selected for their ability to stimulate students in their studies of French.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable experience // Une expérience inoubliable

For starters, this educational institution is very professional and they treat each student with respect. I was also amazed by the level of camaraderie that was shared between the instructors and the administration. There were plenty of opportunites to go on excursions in the city or along the coast because of Nice's prime location. The school itself isn't very far from the beach and getting out of class and heading over there after was a wonderful addition.

Being at this school helps each student identify and know into which French level they should be placed. But don't worry, if you find later on that you'd like to go either up or down in proficiency, you may have the opportunity to do so. It's a great way to be immersed in the language, the culture and real life French educators who honestly care about what they teach and who they teach it to. I would do this all over again given the chance.

Pour ceux qui ne parlent pas vraiment l'anglais ou qui parlent un tout petit français, je vous parle. Si vous cherchez une expérience qui vous aidera à maîtriser la langue française, je vous encourage à vous renseigner sur les bénéfices de cette institution éducative internationale. Vous aurez plein d'opportunités à parler en français, améliorer votre accent et votre vocabulaire. Les instructeurs se soucient extrêmement de votre progression par rapport aux études. Si vous avez un tout petit intérêt à cette école, mettez-le à l'épreuve de celle-ci et vous n'aurez pas de regrets.

What would you improve about this program?
At times, there appeared to be homework given that was busy work and nothing more. I would have liked to see assignments that were more beneficial to my educational growth.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

I had an amazing time studying at Actilangue! The teachers were extremely helpful, and the school itself was conveniently located near my residence, the beach, and many great restaurants. It was a fast-paced course, but never overwhelming. I feel that I learned more here in four weeks than I had in my previous years of foreign languages courses back in the United States. I liked that we were put in groups with students of similar skill levels; it made it less intimidating to have conversations. I hope that someday I am able to go back and continue learning French in this beautiful city!

What would you improve about this program?
I had a lot of fun on all of the excursions, but maybe the school could also provide instructions for navigating the public transportation within Nice. It's difficult to navigate buses when you aren't fluent in the language, so I only used them a few times.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience!

I could strongly recommend Actilangue because of the good location of the school, the really competitive price and most of all the great quality of teaching.
I chose the intensive program and I am totally satisfied, as I had the opportunity to improve my language skills, especially oral ones. During the morning lessons were more focused on grammatical aspects, while in the afternoon classes I could strengthen my conversational capability.
Moreover I had a great time, meeting people from different countries who attend the school.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Program

My time in Nice is something I will always cherish. The school program was excellent and really helped me to grow in my conversational French. The best part of the program is that it is low stress. The emphasis is on learning and doing your best. One day I hope to go back!
The school is in a good location and I could walk to it from my residence. There are many boulangeries nearby to grab a snack from during the morning break.

What would you improve about this program?
Sometimes during the excursions, we were not given enough time to explore on our own.


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Paul Ceccaldi

Job Title
Executive Managing Director
Actilangue was established by Paul Ceccaldi, the Executive Director. He studied French language and literature at the University of Nice. He worked several years in France and Germany. In 1986, he and a team of teachers began work to develop the methodology and the material for teaching French as a foreign language.

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